Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Seven Devils by Sara Danvers

During the Blizzard I kind of took a little reading break. I did not read a book a day like I normally do. I read The Seven Devils by Sara Danvers. I downloaded this a while ago, I believe it was a freebie on amazon. I was still in my Tony phase. I haven't been able to find another book to "move on" from Truth. OK, back to the Seven Devils... this was an interesting book. I really didn't know what to expect at first. I started reading it solely on the cover. hehe The story is about Ellen. The story begins and her dad has just tried to kill her. He is an alcoholic. Her mother moves her and her brother away from the dad. It seems like Ellen doesn't quite fit in with her family. They are assholes. I'm just going to be honest. This book just felt weird to me. I felt so bad for Ellen. She really had no one on her side. Her brother was Mr. Popular and she was the dork (of course). Her mother was trying to date all the men in town. Then Ellen meets Neil. Neil reminds me of my Dankmar. Actually, Neil is dark and mysterious and is a character that seems to really be evil where Dank never made me feel like he was Death. They become friends and he wants more. Everyone warns her to stay away from him. He has "different" talents. PG people not NC17 talents. He can read minds and things like that. As much as he helps Ellen, she pissed me off sometimes. This whole book kind of pissed me off a bit. I wont even go into detail about the ending but lets just say it leaves you hanging. Neil does not make the book boyfriend list. Almost, but Ellen messes it up for me. I would recommend this book for the sheer fact that not everything we read will move us like Christian, Tony, Gideon, Dank, Rush, Hunger Games, Edward, Potter or Jax. This book is just OK. But if we don't read things like this every now and then we might stop appreciating the true leading men.

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