Saturday, November 17, 2012

Stowe, Vermont Pics

View from room

Stowe, Vermont

For Veteran's Day weekend, me, Rey, Ada and Ivelisse went to Stowe, Vermont for a getaway. We really did not have anything planned except to go hiking and enjoy the hot tub. It was our first time visiting (except for Ive). Ski season had not started yet so we were able to book a really luxurious hotel for a great price. The town was very different from the city life we are used to. Since it was during their off time the town almost looked like a ghost town. Vermont is a beautiful state. It was amazing to me to see cows on the side of the road, hiking trails everywhere and mountains! (and I don't mean Avon Mountain) Along the side of the road people were pulled over and were walking on the trail that was nearby. On our second day there we hiked to a waterfall. It was so beautiful! I will admit I wore the wrong shoes and did the crab walk down the steep parts of the trail. What I really liked about Stowe was the welcoming feeling you get to be outdoors. If you see a trail there isn't a sign that warns about danger, open from dawn til dusk or even a sign at all in some cases.  I feel like in CT taking a walk in the woods or a hike is not as easily encouraged. Even in areas like the reservoir there are many signs and you are aware of the dangers that can happen. Swimming during the night under the stars while the fire pit was going was another amazing experience. Heated outdoor pool and hot tub were some of our favorite things to do. I will say it took me quite a while to relax and to snap out of the city life and the routine of always being on the move. I was not prepared for the lack of diversity in Stowe. My whole life being around diverse people has been the norm.  In Stowe, where the population is roughly 4,400, there was not much diversity. This had no effect on our visit  I just found my feelings to this observation interesting. I guess I was not expecting that. Overall, it was a great trip. I did learn that I really like hiking and that I need to relax a little more. I would like for it not to take 2 days for me to wind down.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2!

I just got home from watching the Twilight Saga Marathon. 5 movies, almost 13 hours, 2 buckets of popcorn and soda, a liter of water and a room filled with women of all ages- what an experience. Breaking Dawn part 2 premiered at 10pm and OMG I loved it! Such a great movie and a great overall experience. Wish I could do it again. Wish my sister was there with me! Thanks to Carmen for coming with me if not I'd go by my lonesome. Can't wait to see it again!