Sunday, September 30, 2012

Yay! I'm 30 and Engaged!

One week ago today I became one of the luckiest people on the planet! What started out as a simple lunch date with my boyfriend and my stepson ended up as a surprise birthday party. The surprise birthday party was at my favorite restaurant in Downtown Hartford, Salute. All of my closest friends were there, sister, aunt from Florida, Dad, brothers and grandma from NYC and NJ were there too. It was a big surprise for me as I had no clue there was a party for me and this party was 4 days after my birthday. The party quickly shifted gears and turned into an engagement party during the time I had to open gifts. When I got to Rey's gift there was a big beautiful white and black box which inside held another similar box. When I finished opening the boxes inside was a jewelery box. I tried to remain calm as I did not want to assume there was an engagement ring inside it. But when I look up Rey was on his knees. He asked "Will you marry me?" I was in such shock I closed the box that the beautiful ring was in and put it on the ground. I could not think straight or clearly. All of a sudden I felt like I had the flu. I was in extreme shock. Luckily I held the tears until after the party. Of course I said YES! We have been together almost 11 years. I have waited for this moment my entire life. I was so obsessed with being engaged that I never realized how much time and energy it consumed. If I were to plan the day of my engagement myself I would not have been able to come up with a more appropriate and perfect day. From my Twilight collage cake, elegant centerpieces, renting my favorite restaurant, balloons, family, friends, and the perfect ring I could not ask for more. The love and appreciation I felt that day was indescribable. A big THANK YOU to everyone who helped make my day so special and to everyone for sharing this special occasion with me!

Monday, September 10, 2012

My Ode to Pinkberry

Pinkberry to go :)
Hi, My name is Jasmine and I am addicted to Pinkberry. This has been a problem for about 5 months now. At first, I just liked the chocolate flavor. Of course the toppings must be dark chocolate crisps, almonds and chocolate covered pretezls. Then, I got tired of chocolate....Hello yummy! Then, I got tired of pomegranite...Hello Peanut Butter...Then came along chocolate hazelnut, not my favorite but mixed with peanut butter it's AMAZING!! Thats what I'm stuck on now either chocolate hazelnut swirled with peanut butter or just plain original-depends on my mood. Of course I tell myself this is good for me. It's fat free frozen yogurt, how can it be bad? Well, it is fat free except for chocolate and peanut butter that have a small amount of fat (of course which are my favs!!) Not to mention my eating is based on the Paleo Diet which clearly states -no fat free frozen yogurt. (might as well say no pinkberry) The whole reason I'm writing this is because this love/hate relationship with pinkberry has to come to a sad end. In 5 days to be exact I'm starting this Lurong Paleo Challenge. It is for 8 weeks. 8 WEEKS! Yes, that means no pinkberry for 8 weeks. So sad. I just had to share my love for pinkberry so I can let it go.