Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Consequences by Aleatha Romig

Tonight I'm reading Consequences by Aleatha Romig. Not my usual type of book. Also a recommendation form  I'm only 40% done with it. I feel disturbed. This man, Tony, is an ASSHOLE! Poor Claire! I just feel horrible. He is so awful to hear and then he can be so nice. I am getting upset at myself for being happy during the "good" times because just in a few pages BAM horribleness. I would recommend this book to someone who wants to read something other than a love story, vampire romance, I don't know-it's just-AH. I cant describe it. I don't want to keep reading but at the same time I can't put the book down. I'll keep you posted. 

***UPDATE**** Just finished this book. I'm kinda pissed about it! What a major A#$^%&*(! Tony is just too much. You never really enjoy the "good" parts of the book because you know something bad is going to happen. One really good thing about the book is the many great quotes at the beginning of each chapter. Maybe I'll write more about this one later. I'm off to read Truth, which is part 2 to this series. It sucks when you finish a book and it makes you stressed LOL. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Escorted by Claire Kent

I just finished reading Escorted by Claire Kent. It was recommended on one of my favorite book blogs . I read it in one sitting. This is the second book I read about a male escort. Here goes: Claire (I think) is a 26 year old virgin who hires a male escort, Ander, to rid her of this problem. Claire is a best selling romance writer. After meeting with him the first time she becomes a regular client. Yada yada yada. They fall in love, try to fight it and then end up living happily ever after.  Overall, I was not impressed with this book. 

Monday, January 28, 2013


Just a quick post to say thanks to my new library coworkers who gave me a very nice welcoming party last week. There were a ton of goodies, flowers and everyone came in to meet me. I'm not going to lie, I kind of felt like a celebrity! :) They really made me feel welcome and have made my transition very smooth! I'm very lucky!

Breathe by Abbi Glines

Well, she has done it again. She captured my little heart and made me fall in love with Jax. He is a teen heartthrob (not sure why I keep thinking about Justin Bieber) (NO I do not think he is cute...maybe a if Taylor Lautener could sing and had a smaller nose...or if Channing Tatum could sing...) OK, I'm getting off topic. Jax falls for Sadie, a southern, innocent, beautiful and naive girl. She has all the responsibility in her household. She is practically raising her mother-who is pregnant. Since pregnant moms cant work apparently, Sadie goes to work in her place cleaning someones summer home. What she doesn't know is that it belongs to Jax Stone. She really doesn't know of him but once she sees him of course she is attracted to him. It's not only about his looks- he wins her heart. He is a sweet person.  But of course he is a celebrity and she is a senior in high school with too many responsibilities. Heartbreak is inevitable. Boy does it suck. But he comes back, and he stays there. Now I feel all warm and mushy.

The Dark Garden

I just finished reading The Dark Garden by Eden Bradley.  It was recommend by Rey, our non reading bookclub member. Although it is not a bookclub selection yet, it may become one in the near future. It was a good read, I would not call this one of my all-time favorites. Once it was over, it was over. No swooning over the main characters...I almost forgot his name just now as I was typing this!

Here goes: Rowan is a dominant at a BDSM club. She is in control of her life and does not let anyone tell her what to do. She thinks that by being in constant control of every aspect of her life no one will ever be able to harm her. Having a controlling mother and being in a pretty tough relationship she must have control. In comes Christian, a tall, broad, handsome, manly Irish(?) man-totally dominate with every fiber of his being. He sees Rowan across the BDSM club and instantly there is a deep connection...(rolls eyes). Of course Rowan can sense this and knows this man is a dominant and she will not be submissive to anyone. Long story short, he makes a proposition- be my sub for 30 days. If you don't like it, we can stop the deal. He is convinced inside her strong shell lies a submissive woman who wants to be dominated by her man. They have a few bumps in the road as Rowan tries hard to fight her natural tendencies with Christian. I wont spoil the story. In the end, everyone lives happily ever after.


Can you believe it is Saturday night and I still can't believe that on Monday morning I will be driving to another job? It's like I pushed it aside and am still trying to soak it in. HPL was my first job. Throughout my 12 years here I have made many amazing friends, many of whom I consider my family. Thank you to everyone who made my time there, last few days and each day special. We all know how challenging each day will be yet one thing was sure-we had each other. Thank you for listening to me vent, lending a shoulder to cry on, and being apart of many important moments of my life (both happy and sad). I'm sure Wesleyan will be great but they wont have all of you guys there. I will miss each of you every day! I don't have pics of everyone but that doesn't mean you're not included.

$16 Manicure/Meditation Session/ Wybie Blogging

Tonight, I'd like to share 2 things with you. The first is my blog helper. He just wants to be a part of this blog tonight. Wybie thought it would be very helpful to me if he put his head on the laptop.

On a more blog worthy note: On Friday I went to ghettomart (Flatbush Walmart) to get gel polish on my nails. They are really cheap there $15-16 as opposed to $30-$35 in other salons. The Asian man who did my nails was named Kevin. When I shared my name was Jasmine he said his wife loves the flower and grows it in their kitchen window. I told him how I have a lot of lavendar in my garden. He said you love nature, let me share with you a way to be closer to nature. He goes into a 15 minute talk about the power of meditation. 10 minutes is all you need. To start go on youtube and find some Zen music. Once you have selected your song sit Indian style on the floor with your eyes closed. Clasp your fingers so they create the infinity sign-to be reminded that the knowledge inside of your brain is infinite. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing and on clearing your mind. Thats it. This is the simplicity of meditating. I tried meditating a long time ago but it felt weird. After trying yoga I downloaded a zen song with the intention of meditating or doing yoga to clear my mind. Kevin tells me while he meditated that morning he prayed to be given the chance to share his love of meditation with someone. Since I was his first customer that day and I loved nature he thought it was appropriate. It was a really nice experience which teaches a few things. Sometimes things are set in motion and we have no clue when or why it is happening. I have been so exhausted these past few days and Kevin reminded me to slow down and take some time to clear my mind so I can relax. I was also reminded not to judge a book by its cover. Ghettomart really turned into Meditation 101. I met a genuine person who shared his passion for meditation with me. Although the manicure was $21 bucks after the tip the interaction, knowledge and experience was priceless.

Monday, January 14, 2013

What to read next??

photo.JPGI was so into the last series of books I read that I haven't been able to move on. After rereading all 3 books (recommending them to all of my reading friends) and letting Dankmar and Pagan marinade in my brain (OK maybe my heart) for 2 weeks I feel like I'm ready to move on to something new else.  A part of me wants to reread Hopeless by Cathleen Hoover. It might become my book club selection when it's my turn to choose. I have already started reading The Dark Garden, another possible book club read. Even though it seems to be well written I'm not sure if I'm up for that type of storyline right now (think something like 50 Shades but a little more BDSM). Also on my to be read list is Breathe by Abbi Glines. I'm sure I will like this one because I have been on an Abbi Glines reading kick lately. We'll see where the dice stops and what I read next.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Week 1 down

At 5pm today marks one week into my new job. Although it does not have my favorite HPL people in the entire world...(except for Rey, Channing, Wybie, Mom, etc You get the point) far so good! Can you imagine no public service desk hours? Focusing on one task at a time? Being able to use the computer to do your own stuff? Actually taking all of your breaks? Hmmm. Wearing jeans to work! It would be even better if I weren't sick as a dog right now. Chest congestion and PAIN, stupid cough and chills/hot flashes are not a good combo. Also not a good way to start a new job. Anywho, everyone has been super nice and I can't complain. Just wanted to share.