Monday, August 25, 2014

R.I.P. True Blood

**WARNING: If you have not seen the last episode of True Blood, don't like True Blood, or don't want to hear about the ending then this post is NOT for you. For all others, continue reading. **

It is over. No more of my favorite vampires, shifters, humans. I'm sad! I know it was time for it to be over. I mean how long can it go on? Watching Sookie have all the men in town was a bit frustrating. Although I have no "PROBLEM" with the ending they gave us, I feel a bit unsatisfied. Their ending was good. It showed the HEA. It taught us a lesson of love and letting go. But I DIDN'T WANT BILL TO DIE!!! I feel like I have been waiting for seasons for Bill and Sookie to get back together! Although they gave us some of that this season I needed more! In my mind Bill and Sookie belonged together! :( Sorry, rant over. Not really! LOL I'm not going to lie I did cry, cry, cry my little eyes out when Bill died. I knew it was coming but I kept hoping somehow it was a dream-SOMETHING! Not the true death. Oh, well. It was good while it lasted. I may need to rewatch-I'm not decided yet.