Friday, February 27, 2015

Let's Talk Series: American Horror Story, Season 1, Murder House

Once again I'm late on the bandwagon. I knew I would love this show. How could I not? It's right up my alley. It is my alley dang it! Paranormal and romance-I like it in my books and in my movies and in my tv shows! I just binge-watched season one. LOVE. THIS. SHOW.  Dylan McDermott. Hello. How did I forget about this hottie? There were some pretty shocking things going on. I enjoyed each and every moment. I wanted to watch this show once I realized Frances Conroy was in it. I loved her as the mom in Six Feet Under. When that series was over I went over to MIB ( and searched her and boom-seed planted. Must watch American Horror Story.

Unrelated to the show itself, I will say I was very disappointed in comcast for only having the current season on demand. I had to watch it on netflix. You would think with all the money cable costs...  I wont rant and rage about the horrors of cable.

In conclusion, I will leave you with Dylan McDermott. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Let's talk movies: Predestination

Has anyone out there seen this movie? Ethan Hawke plays a special agent and I just can't get this movie out of my head! It was a total mindf*#k! Remember Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio that came out a while back? How that blew everyone's mind? Well, Predestination even beats Inception at inception-if that even makes sense! I watched this move twice in 2 days! It is based on a short story by Robert Heinlein, "All You Zombies." Of course I had to immediately read this to see if it offered any other insight into the movie. Just pretty freaking amazing and sick at the same time. I will warn you no animals were harmed and no one was raped in the movie. I HATE WHEN MOVIES have those elements. OK, back to Predestination. Here is what (or MIB as it's called in my household) describes the movie as: 

The life of a time-traveling Temporal Agent. On his final assignment, he must pursue the one criminal that has eluded him throughout time.

Accurate description but does not give you the slightest hint at the inception you are about to witness. OK, if you like sci-fi, time traveling, psychological thrillers and mind blowing movies:
  • stop reading this post
  • go rent and watch this movie
  • come back and comment with your thoughts
IF you have no intention of watching the movie OR reading the short story and want to know what happens: keep reading. 


Ok, Ethan Hawke is a time traveling agent. He goes back in time to prevent crimes, bombings and other horrible things. When we meet him he is a bartender. He is talking to a man. The man tells him a CRAZY story how he used to be a woman...  His life was ruined (while he was a woman) when he met a guy and did what is natural and ended up pregnant. Of course the guy left and her (his) career was over. While giving birth the doctors realized that she had 2 sets of organs, both not developed well. The female organs were developed well enough to get pregnant but after the cesarean they were damaged. They reconstructed the male organs and that is how she became a man. Imagine that! A new "mother" and you wake up from surgery to that news!!! Two weeks later her baby is taken from the hospital. Ethan Hawke tells the guy he can bring him to the guy that changed his life. The guy that got her pregnant and left her to her horrible fate. Of course that sounds like a good idea. He wants to kill that ba$tard for everything he lost. Lost womanhood, child, life, career, family. So they go back in time to where she was about to meet that SOB. Guess who the man who ruined her life is? I know you will never guess. The man who ruined her life was HERSELF. Her future self, in man form, come back to the past to "kill the SOB" but instead was mesmerized by the woman (himself as a woman). Shocker, huh? But wait, it gets better! They fornicate! And she gets herself pregnant? The stolen baby was her?!? How does it make sense? It doesn't. Ethan Hawke is a future version of her! Talk about mindfu#k!  If you are not shocked and amazed by this plot line then you have a very vivid imagination lol. 

I am totally not doing this film/short story any justice-AT ALL.  There is a whole other element I'm not even talking about here because I'm just still shocked at them apples. The moral of the story is don't screw yourself! JUST KIDDING! The moral of the story is somethings are just predestined to happen and no matter how you try to change them to alter the outcome it will always be the same. Whew. I need some chocolate now. :) 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Let's Talk Makeup: NCLA Nail Wraps

See this nail picture on the right? I love those nails. I thought I would try to recreate them. I found the picture on pinterest of course. After a little investigation I found these are transparent nail wraps from NCLA. This particular style is called Leather and Lace and costs $18.00. I thought these would be the perfect nails for seeing Fifty Shades of Grey. I even got my nails done since I normally have short nails. I wish I could give these wraps a good review but I just cant. They did not stick on my nails. They did not even last the night. I got so frustrated I peeled them off. Even after filing down the edges the sticker was still lifted! Sally Hansen wraps have never let me down before. I was expecting the same from this brand especially since they are double the price. I say skip out on these and head to your local drugstore and grab the Sally Hansen kind instead. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Let's Talk Movies: 50 Shades of Grey

On a hiatus or not, what kind of blogger would I be if I did not have something to say about the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon -movie!?!  At first, I will admit, I was not interested in seeing this movie at all. Was not interested in advanced tickets, making a shirt, trying to show my love for the books/movie like I do with other releases. Not until two days before it was supposed to come out did I get excited to see it. I did not see it on the early Thursday screening like everyone was so happily posting all over facebook. I was not a happy camper about that lol. Let's get to the movie, shall we? Overall, I liked it. I was not in love with it but I did like it. Dakota Johnson as Ana stole the show. She did an amazing job! I was not expecting that from her. But, Jaime, Jaime, Jaime... He did not do it for me. I was not thrilled that he would be 50 from the beginning. He reminds me of Justin Timberlake. No offense to Justin, I love that man. But when I think of the Christian Grey - Justin Timberlake should not come to mind. I need a more dominating man. A little bigger and not so boyish. Oh well. We can't get everything we want! I am looking forward to seeing the movie a second time. I feel like the first time I was waiting and scrutinizing and comparing everything to the book. The second time I watch it I just want to see it for a movie - a plain ole movie. 

The Soundtrack! It is a must buy. I love it, even the older songs on there. Really, the key to having a good movie is having a badass soundtrack. I'm sure I've said this before. Between The Weeknds voice and Beyonce's Crazy in Love mix that soundtrack has been on repeat in my ears!

Let's talk about how awesome it is that something that started out as Twilight fan fiction from a woman with an idea now has become a million-billion- dollar dream come true! I loved the books before they were even popular. Met E.L. James at a signing where the tickets were only $25 bucks! Not only did she sign all the books but she actually spoke to us and was a normal person. Love it or hate it, it is still the hot ticket. Can't wait for the next 2 movies. Laters, baby!