Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Water hot dog stand

I just wanted to share these photos of a hot dog stand on the CT River. It was super cool! You just drive your boat or jet ski up and it is like a drive thru on the water! This is how we spent father's day this year.

I picked these strawberries from my yard. It was so relaxing! The big one in the front is one of the biggest ones I've picked so far. I'm a little stressed today and this picture is reminding me to take a deep breath and relax.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pride and Humbleness

Today I learned a little lesson about the problems we face (thanks to a very good friend). Simply put, most of our problems are caused by pride. We seem to have too much of it or too much in certain areas of our life. The solution is humbleness. The humbler we become the less pride we have and the happier we will be. This does sound like a very simple answer to our problems but if you think of this for a moment it can apply to many different issues. Just when you think everyting is going well and feel comfortable with " I have this under control and nothing will change that" BOOM you are proven wrong. We are constantly being tested.

Blood Law by Karin Tabke

One of my new favorite books is Blood Law by Karin Tabke. It was a great read!The plot was very good. It was very rich with setting the history and had a very developed plot. It was not just good love scenes without a story, it was a great story with a few steamy scenes. I loved this book!

Beauty of Annuals

This is my first year gardening. At first I thought I'd only plant perrenials since they come back and why would you want to do double work right? Well, today I found some pretty annuals that I will include in my flower garden. I am not sure what they are called just yet, but I will add the names later. I also noticed I have picked mostly purple flowers. Pink is my favorite color but I have not bought one pink flower! I'll update the photo once I finish putting the new plants in.