Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Rochester Reaping by T.E. Ridener

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You may have noticed I have been on a bit of the T.E. Ridener reading rampage. #RidenerReadingRampage lol  What can I say? When I find a great author I just read, read, read. I'm an all or nothing kind of gal. I'm like this in my life in general. OK, enough about me, this isn't a biography. This book is Ridener's first published work. It was published a few years ago. There are a few minor editing snafus-OVERLOOK them. I'm a stickler for these things. I'm a Virgo and a perfectionist when it comes to these things. I promise I am not raving about this author for no reason. The content is solid and consistent. Her writing just keeps getting better. The plot is great and mysterious. I feel like that is her writing style, it's mysterious so you have to pay attention so you wont miss anything. Also, this book is written in the first person, unlike her other books. Even with the editing snafus I am still giving this 5 stars. I'm sorry, when the content is that solid sometimes you have to overlook small errors-especially when it's a young authors first work. I had to share that because sometimes I'm appalled at the reviews I read on amazon or goodreads. 

Holy soap box! Back to The Rochester Reaping shall we?

Morgan Amburgy is 24 and lives in the small town of Rochester. She has a great little group of friends and a smoking hot boyfriend, Jarret. They had a tragedy seven years ago and they have been trying to live their lives as best as they can. What they don't know is that tragedy is going to strike again!

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

  • Even though I may seem very ordinary, I would like to think myself unique in some way.
  • The secret to my success on being a good cashier is always treat people nicely no matter how sucky my day may be. ...That's how it should always be. Unlike every time I go to McDonald's ... (LOL)
  • "Busy" He asked, glancing around. "No. We're just trying to see how many customers we can fit into the store all at once." 
  • Everyone wants the fast cashier. 
  • "I was just thinking is all. You know, using my brain. Processing random information. It happens." 
  • My counselor said that I was somewhat paranoid. About death mostly.
  • "I'm saying that," she huffed a little, her head still down as she kicked at a leaf on the ground. "I can't help but wonder, will you miss me half as much as you miss her?" (made me think of this song) 

  • "Just so you know, people don't go to Bowling Green to find a place to bowl. That's totally irrelevant to everything."
  • I had absolutely gone off the deep end. The years had finally caught up to me. 
  • I tried pot once and I hated it. I'm not a big fan of feeling stupid. (no kidding!!)
  • He had pulled me out of my darkness and I had shoved him straight to into his.
  • But you can't stop death. You can't prevent it. No matter how desperately you may want to stay. For friends. For family. For love. When it's your time to go, you'll go. Death is funny. Death is swift. I never said it was fair. (reminds me of this scene)

Can't forget about Keelo!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Truth About Kadenburg by T.E. Ridener

Well folks she has done it again. Ridener has created a world filled with shifters! To say this book is good is an extreme understatement considering I read it in under 2 hours. I could not tear myself away from it to do things like eat or shower and get ready for work.  Seriously this was 5 stars hands down. Even the names are hot: Presley, Lorcan, Liam, Dimitri, Breslin... Presley is returning to her hometown after having a bad breakup with a super a#$hole. Things aren't ever what they seem and the same goes for the small town of Kadenburg and its residents. No vampires in this town (yet?) but there sure are werewolves and werebears. I don't think I ever read about werebears other than in Sherrilyn Kenyon books. Lorcan and Dimitri make the book boyfriend list.


Here are some of my favorite quotes:
  • They hadn't even moved up enough in the real world to receive a Wal-Mart...
  • When did Lorcan grow into the jolly Green Giant?...And hot. When did he get hot?
  • Presley had a scent that was more tantalizing than honey. (LOL)
  • We're bears? Presley questioned as she tried to inch further away from her uncle. I really need to stop drinking...
  • Honey? Was he serious? Presley rolled her eyes before laughing bitterly. "Sure, that's cute. Honey soothes bears, huh?  (LOL)
  • One minute she was angry, the next she was confused, and then she was ready to drive a blade through a man's chest because she knew he wasn't really a man at all! (Isn't this normal ladies!)
  • "It's like someone looked down from the sky and thought 'Oh, you're dealing with a personal crisis, Presley? That's great! Let me add on the fact that you can turn into WInnie the Pooh, too!'"
  • "You've never wondered why you prefer fish sticks over pizza rolls, or going to Captain Shivers over Burger Hut?  ( #CaptainShivers -that gave me a chuckle!)
  • Ursithropes definitely had to be the reigning champions of bear hugs, and for good reason.
  • "It's all right," Lorcan whispered. "I'm right here, Presley. I'll always be right here, just like I've always been."
  • Oh god, who am I kidding? I don't even know how to bear out!"  (of course I immediately thought of this) : (Listen with the volume all the way up, he says "Flame on" I hear "bear out" lol )

Here is my Lorcan. You know an author has done a good job in creating an Alpha male when even a hottie like Chris Hemsworth doesn't add up to the image in your head! 

Presley :)

The wolves

Monday, February 17, 2014

Book Review: Blood Revelations by T.E. Ridener

This weekend was pretty much a T.E. Ridener marathon. Three of her books in 3 days.  I literally dreamt of vampires and one of my all time favorite characters, Dex, from the the Experiment in Terror Series by Karina Halle. If you are familiar with that series, specifically Come Alive, and if you remember Dex "trying" while they were "drying off" from their frigid swim while they were running from big foot, yeah something like that. LOL. Maybe I was reminded of Dex because of Ridener's writing style. She has that witty, funny, sarcastic, make you fall in love with the characters-even the bad ones charm -like Dex does. This book did not disappoint! Well, the only downfall is that the next book is not out yet! I have to wait to see what happens to Jude! I'm dying here. The events that happen in this book are just mind blowing! Really! Brom?!!! I could write about this for pages but I don't want to risk any spoilers. Believe me this story is worth reading! So many intricate plots that are interwoven beautifully!  It is also very mysterious. You keep wondering what is going to happen. If JT is "Bringing Sexy Back" then TE is "Bringing Vampires Back." LOL, I know, I'm rambling! I just have to get it out of my system!

 5 Stars

Also, I can't remember exactly what Jude was described as but this is the image of my Jude: 

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

  • "You think we have a little witch club with weekly meetings?"
  • "Everyone's a little vampsexual, Jude."
  • "Your absurdly busy schedule of lying around here and having wet dreams about Mr. Fancy Brows Daddy Boy?" (LOL!)
  • "Maybe just some asshole who came back from the dead and started making her feel like shit for killing him, when he was in fact a piece of shit who deserved it."
  • "He's vulnerable." "To what? Bieber fever? 
  • "What I like to suck would make you a really unhappy camper."
  • Why would he want to see the exposure of a heart that had been given to him so willingly once? (See what I mean, we have a good mix of funny, sarcastic and deep quotes going on here)
  • "You know who I am talking about?" "Duh. I used to be the biggest geek I knew."
  • "You're contaminating my water. Get out, you fool!" ... "Are you even aware that fish fornicate in water?" (Gotta love this guy!)
  • "Mad is a mighty big understatement, ya jackarse!"
  • "A woman in love with a man who loves her is no fool."
  • Blood may be thicker than water, but the people who matter most are those who will not allow you to drown.
  • To be such an evil person, Lilith could be poetic about love when she wanted to be. Jude had to wonder if she and Lucifer had candlelight dinners sometimes.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Book Review: Blood Betrayal by T.E. Ridener

I feel like it has been a long time since I have read a vampire book. I enjoyed 2 other book by T.E. Ridener so I decided to pick up the Blood Betrayal Series by her to give it a shot. I already know she is a great writer and can create a fantasy land like no one's business BUT wow! I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I got sucked in to this story! I literally read all day in the car on Saturday while running errands-no worries, I wasn't driving! This says A LOT because I hate reading in cars, I get car sick easily. I read for 4 hours! There is such an elaborate story here! There are so many plots and you never know what is going to happen!  What is this book about you ask? Well, we meet Jude. A human who has an infatuation -no burning desire to know all there is to know about vampires. His dad does not approve of this of course. His mom, bless her heart, earns a lot of points in my book. She is so supportive of her son. I mean, what kind of dad has a "vampire intervention" with his kid? This thirst for knowledge leads him down a path that will change his life. I will not give anything away here. This is a must read. If you are a fan of True Blood and have watched all the seasons you might be reminded of Billith just a tiny bit while reading this.

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

  • But it seemed that the cards hadn't been dealt like that. As a matter of fact, Jude had been dealt a dead's mans hand.
  • He had, after all, chosen a happy meal over a big mac value meal, so to speak.
  • He had tried so hard to be her savior, but in the end he had been her Grim Reaper.
  • "You can get your appetite anywhere so long as you eat at home." (LOL)
  • If a vampire fed from a dead body, or consumed the blood from a woman's 'red flower' as Vinnie would say, it would be just like a human snacking on a dog biscuit.
  • "Ya can bet yer arse I'll be there fer 'im when te time comes, Lass." 
  • "Look at that kid there." He nodded to the Mexican vampire. "I wasn't aware that Chong got sired." (I was cracking up when I read this!)

OHH! And the creepy dude saying "Would you like to get a milkshake?" totally reminds me of this: (specifically at 2:32 )  

5 Stars!

Here is the amazon link for this book:

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Book Review: The Water King's Bride by T.E. Ridener

5 Stars!

This is the 2nd book in The Descendants Series. If you want to enter a magical world this is the series for you! What I love about these books is that they literally take you into their world! Can I say how much I love Isaiah?!? I love Heidi too but she is so nice and sometimes cant see that there are evil people around her. She sees the good in everyone and it takes her a while to realize that there are plots everywhere. Thankfully, Isaiah is not so easily fooled. Isaiah is definitely a book boyfriend. The funny thing is that I have been rooting for him from the first book! When I think of Isaiah I think of Eric from True Blood! (Alexander Skarsgard)
They both have this confident, bad boy, alpha hotness going on.  Heidi seems oblivious to the inevitable which makes it all the sweeter! Let me not get started with Brison! :)

Here are some of my favorite quotes: 

  • "If you're quite finished with being an asshole, can we get down to business?" 
  • "A fickle fairy."
  • "Don't you dare try to snow on my parade, Isaiah!" (LOL)
  • Damn him. Damn him! Why did Isaiah always have to do this to her? Why did he always have to be right? 
  • "I'll go tell the king that you won't be joining him, and then you can deal with the consequences." (OH! Someone sounds like Mr. Anthony Rawlings...)
  • "Doom Room" (reminds me of the red room of pain)
  • "I always knew you were more intelligent than your mother gave you credit for." (hehhehe)