Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Book Review: The Water King's Bride by T.E. Ridener

5 Stars!

This is the 2nd book in The Descendants Series. If you want to enter a magical world this is the series for you! What I love about these books is that they literally take you into their world! Can I say how much I love Isaiah?!? I love Heidi too but she is so nice and sometimes cant see that there are evil people around her. She sees the good in everyone and it takes her a while to realize that there are plots everywhere. Thankfully, Isaiah is not so easily fooled. Isaiah is definitely a book boyfriend. The funny thing is that I have been rooting for him from the first book! When I think of Isaiah I think of Eric from True Blood! (Alexander Skarsgard)
They both have this confident, bad boy, alpha hotness going on.  Heidi seems oblivious to the inevitable which makes it all the sweeter! Let me not get started with Brison! :)

Here are some of my favorite quotes: 

  • "If you're quite finished with being an asshole, can we get down to business?" 
  • "A fickle fairy."
  • "Don't you dare try to snow on my parade, Isaiah!" (LOL)
  • Damn him. Damn him! Why did Isaiah always have to do this to her? Why did he always have to be right? 
  • "I'll go tell the king that you won't be joining him, and then you can deal with the consequences." (OH! Someone sounds like Mr. Anthony Rawlings...)
  • "Doom Room" (reminds me of the red room of pain)
  • "I always knew you were more intelligent than your mother gave you credit for." (hehhehe)

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  1. I always love your reviews so much! I'm very happy you enjoyed TWKB. <3