Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Twisted Perfection by Abbi Glines

Well...I just finished Twisted Perfection by Abbi Glines. (One of my fav. authors!) I was in such a reading hangover from the Experiment in Terror Series, Fall of Angels Series, and Blay and Qhuinn that I did not even realize this had come out! It is the 3rd book in the Too Far Series. Normally, I love when we have a new book to read about another character in the series. Only once was I not a huge fan of it. Because of Low was the first book where I could not get over how I felt about the main character, Marcus, from the past 2 books. Yes, I wanted him to be happy but I just had that initial image of him in my head...maybe it's because I love Jax so much! Anywho, back to business. This book was about Woods, we met him in Rush & Blaire's book, Fallen Too Far. Even in that book he is a classy, mature, strong (handsome...) man. In Twisted Perfection he meets his woman, Della. She has some issues. It is only supposed to be a one niter. (Is that even a word!?) Of course, fate has other plans. Interestingly this book has some similar components of the last book I read, and didn't like, Wanderlust. Like Evie, Della was sheltered by a crazy mom. Della didn't even go out of the house at all-for years! However, instead of being afraid of the world and paranoid, she is a free spirit who wants to experience life for the first time. This book hooked me right from the beginning. I've always liked Woods but now he earned the love category. BUT!! The dang book is over with a HUGE cliffhanger!!!!!!! If you remember, I really don't like that! It keeps me antsy until the next book comes out. Thank the book Goddesses that at least where it stops it is a semi happy place for our couple but  with a crazy situation to deal with. WHEW! OK, I'm happy to get this review out but as with many others I feel like I can't keep my thoughts straight because of all of the emotions the book stirred. Happy Reading! 

P.S. Sorry no picture of the cover, google is acting funky and I just wanted to publish this so I can move on to the next book. :) 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Wanderlust by Skye Warren

Wow! I just finished reading Wanderlust by Skye Warren. It was so DISTURBING! I really can't recommend this book to my friends. It is of a harsh subject matter. Before it gets "better" it gets worse. I really hate reading about rape. Yes, this was a good book but honestly, it was way too dark for my liking. So, since I'm not telling you to read it I will give you a quick overview of it. Evie is a 20 year old girl who lives an extremely sheltered life. She really doesn't leave the house. Her mother is paranoid. An ex boyfriend of the mom raped her. Since then, her mother was crazy overprotective. She got her GED and left the house just for basic things. Her mom preached to her that if she left the house she would be raped, killed, or some other horrible thing.  Evie decides to leave the house and head to Little Rock where she has a job. She wants to see the world. On her very first night she stops at a (sleazy) motel that is mainly a truck rest. (Yes, she is so sheltered she has no clue what she is getting herself into...) Hunter see's her and of course he wants her. He goes to her room and gives her 2 alternatives, lets do this willingly or its just going to happen. He ends up kidnapping her!  He has quite the past too. He was a priest, wrongfully accused! of rape and then was sent to jail and raped himself in jail. When they realized he was innocent he was let go. He decided he was already punished for something he didn't do, might as well do it. What I really did not enjoy about this book was that every horrible warning her mother gave pretty much came true. Mid way through the book she escapes Hunter and in trying to get help gets raped again! I mean, really, what the F#@!!!! Long story short, she meets up with Hunter again (they love each other in an effed up way) and I'm assuming they will live happily ever after.  I'm going to go and reread one of my favorite books or watch some sweet videos because I still have the heebie jeebies over this one!  :(

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

For the ladies interested in makeup...

I know I normally don't write about makeup but lately I have been watching a TON of YouTube videos on makeup....Plus, I always have loved makeup. Just ask my mom and sis, every year for my birthday or for Christmas I always ask for some sort of make up thing that I'm too cheap to buy myself... LOL  Wait until this year...hehehe. I already know what I'm asking for. :) Here is the link to one of my new favorite beauty girls on YouTube, Melissa. At first I was just telling people about some of these products, some of my friends and sister that I know love makeup too. But, that is taking a lot of time to text people or put it on Facebook  So I decided, DUH, put it on my blog! OK, so I wont spend too much time on this but I LOVE these lipsticks: 

Top Row: Revlon Lip Butters (2), Maybeline Vivid
Bottom Row: Wet n Wild Lipsticks

Above: Maybeline Color Whisper

1. They are cheap! (relatively...)
2. All of these are moisturizing-EXCEPT the Wet n Wild ones-BUT the color is SO nice that you can put some gloss over it and BOOM really soft, vivid color.
3. I guess this could go with #1, Wet n Wild was like $2, Target had a sale on Color Whisper $4.99, and Walgreen's had a sale on the lip butter and color vivid's!

SO, if you are interested I suggest you check them out! DON'T try the L'Oreal Lip Balm. It looks like the top pic of Revlon's lip butter. It dried my lips and did nothing for me. I gave it to my mom he he he. :) 

Monday, April 8, 2013

50 Thoughts on 50 Shades

Not really 50 thoughts, maybe just 5 he he. After reading Lover at Last  I was at a loss and didn't know what to read. Yes, I have 500 books on my kindle so it wasn't for lack of material. I just was having a book hangover. I was being a brat and didn't want to read anything else since I knew it wouldn't be good enough the same as Lover at Last. So, I bet you are wondering what I did about my dilemma. I reread one of my favorite trilogies, 50 Shades. I love my Christian Grey. HOWEVER, while I did enjoy rereading them for the 5th time (I know, pathetic right!) it made me think of a few things:

  1. Grey does not exist to the everyday person and we don't want him to! Really, if your partner tried to dictate every thing you do from food, to sleep and where you can and can't go, we would not go for that, no sir! I don't care if they made 100k an hour...
  2. Someone as inexperienced as Anastasia was sure willing to try all sorts of "kinky fu#%ery." I think it takes normal people some time to open up to these things, not just a week or so.
  3. Did you swoon over Grey and the things he said and how eloquently he spoke to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Yeah, me too. Remember, most men do not talk like this! This is coming from a woman author. 
  4. Anastasia wants to change Christian, and does in some ways- all in 3 months-ish. Got him to stop his "kinky fuc&ery," break all of his rules, stop being friends with Mrs. Robinson (ex-gf and now "friend"), proposed, married and pregnant... I mean, really! Yes, people change. Yes, this is fiction. Yes, I love Grey. No, I don't think this makes sense in any way, shape or form.
  5. I think we all have some Grey in our life. It is just up to us to see it and recognize it. We may not think of them as Grey qualities. In the real world we'd call them stalkers, nagging, insecure, overbearing...I'll stop there... 
I know it sounds like I am bashing Grey, but I'm not. I'm just looking at it through another perspective. I think my "in-love" phase with Grey is over. Now it is just love and appreciation for what it was, the first 4 times I read it. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


WOW! I have been waiting to read this book forever! I LOVED IT! That is an understatement actually. I feel like this entire post can be in SHOUTY CAPITALS to get my excitement across!  I went back and reread the last few chapters because I could not get enough of Blay & Qhuinn! In the past ten books, I feel like the stories follow a recipe. Warrior thinks he living his life just fine and doesn't want to have a woman, warrior gets injured, love of his life has appeared and they spend the time warrior is recovering falling in love him claiming her- MINE! (in a growling voice) I am happy this book did not follow that format. I feel like after ten books of these two we want the realness not this "oh, I'm injured, I don't need to be with anyone, boom! you're' all mine and that's it!" Not trying to bash the other books, I love each an every one of them and have read most of them twice. I'm considering reading them a third time. I am also happy she kept this book just as spicy interesting as she did the others. Yes it is about two male warriors realizing they have been in love with each other forever. (Normally, that's not my thing.) But these are not just 2 men, it is Blay and Qhuinn!!! The next book out will be The King and it is about Wrath! I can gush on and on about this series. It is the best paranormal romance series PERIOD! Blay and Qhuinn are both book boyfriends- any member of the black dagger brotherhood makes the book boyfriend list hands down, no questions asked! Unless the book is about Xcor- he wouldn't make my bb list, but maybe one of my friends would appreciate that...maybe I could too...if he did some MAJOR redemption. Don't cross my king or brotherhood a.k.a. my book boyfriends and expect me to forgive so easily.  OK, this is more of a rant than a review. It's just awesome. Can't wait for the next one. (And, yes, this picture had to be XXL!)