Wednesday, April 3, 2013


WOW! I have been waiting to read this book forever! I LOVED IT! That is an understatement actually. I feel like this entire post can be in SHOUTY CAPITALS to get my excitement across!  I went back and reread the last few chapters because I could not get enough of Blay & Qhuinn! In the past ten books, I feel like the stories follow a recipe. Warrior thinks he living his life just fine and doesn't want to have a woman, warrior gets injured, love of his life has appeared and they spend the time warrior is recovering falling in love him claiming her- MINE! (in a growling voice) I am happy this book did not follow that format. I feel like after ten books of these two we want the realness not this "oh, I'm injured, I don't need to be with anyone, boom! you're' all mine and that's it!" Not trying to bash the other books, I love each an every one of them and have read most of them twice. I'm considering reading them a third time. I am also happy she kept this book just as spicy interesting as she did the others. Yes it is about two male warriors realizing they have been in love with each other forever. (Normally, that's not my thing.) But these are not just 2 men, it is Blay and Qhuinn!!! The next book out will be The King and it is about Wrath! I can gush on and on about this series. It is the best paranormal romance series PERIOD! Blay and Qhuinn are both book boyfriends- any member of the black dagger brotherhood makes the book boyfriend list hands down, no questions asked! Unless the book is about Xcor- he wouldn't make my bb list, but maybe one of my friends would appreciate that...maybe I could too...if he did some MAJOR redemption. Don't cross my king or brotherhood a.k.a. my book boyfriends and expect me to forgive so easily.  OK, this is more of a rant than a review. It's just awesome. Can't wait for the next one. (And, yes, this picture had to be XXL!) 

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