Monday, April 22, 2013

Wanderlust by Skye Warren

Wow! I just finished reading Wanderlust by Skye Warren. It was so DISTURBING! I really can't recommend this book to my friends. It is of a harsh subject matter. Before it gets "better" it gets worse. I really hate reading about rape. Yes, this was a good book but honestly, it was way too dark for my liking. So, since I'm not telling you to read it I will give you a quick overview of it. Evie is a 20 year old girl who lives an extremely sheltered life. She really doesn't leave the house. Her mother is paranoid. An ex boyfriend of the mom raped her. Since then, her mother was crazy overprotective. She got her GED and left the house just for basic things. Her mom preached to her that if she left the house she would be raped, killed, or some other horrible thing.  Evie decides to leave the house and head to Little Rock where she has a job. She wants to see the world. On her very first night she stops at a (sleazy) motel that is mainly a truck rest. (Yes, she is so sheltered she has no clue what she is getting herself into...) Hunter see's her and of course he wants her. He goes to her room and gives her 2 alternatives, lets do this willingly or its just going to happen. He ends up kidnapping her!  He has quite the past too. He was a priest, wrongfully accused! of rape and then was sent to jail and raped himself in jail. When they realized he was innocent he was let go. He decided he was already punished for something he didn't do, might as well do it. What I really did not enjoy about this book was that every horrible warning her mother gave pretty much came true. Mid way through the book she escapes Hunter and in trying to get help gets raped again! I mean, really, what the F#@!!!! Long story short, she meets up with Hunter again (they love each other in an effed up way) and I'm assuming they will live happily ever after.  I'm going to go and reread one of my favorite books or watch some sweet videos because I still have the heebie jeebies over this one!  :(

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