Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Twisted Perfection by Abbi Glines

Well...I just finished Twisted Perfection by Abbi Glines. (One of my fav. authors!) I was in such a reading hangover from the Experiment in Terror Series, Fall of Angels Series, and Blay and Qhuinn that I did not even realize this had come out! It is the 3rd book in the Too Far Series. Normally, I love when we have a new book to read about another character in the series. Only once was I not a huge fan of it. Because of Low was the first book where I could not get over how I felt about the main character, Marcus, from the past 2 books. Yes, I wanted him to be happy but I just had that initial image of him in my head...maybe it's because I love Jax so much! Anywho, back to business. This book was about Woods, we met him in Rush & Blaire's book, Fallen Too Far. Even in that book he is a classy, mature, strong (handsome...) man. In Twisted Perfection he meets his woman, Della. She has some issues. It is only supposed to be a one niter. (Is that even a word!?) Of course, fate has other plans. Interestingly this book has some similar components of the last book I read, and didn't like, Wanderlust. Like Evie, Della was sheltered by a crazy mom. Della didn't even go out of the house at all-for years! However, instead of being afraid of the world and paranoid, she is a free spirit who wants to experience life for the first time. This book hooked me right from the beginning. I've always liked Woods but now he earned the love category. BUT!! The dang book is over with a HUGE cliffhanger!!!!!!! If you remember, I really don't like that! It keeps me antsy until the next book comes out. Thank the book Goddesses that at least where it stops it is a semi happy place for our couple but  with a crazy situation to deal with. WHEW! OK, I'm happy to get this review out but as with many others I feel like I can't keep my thoughts straight because of all of the emotions the book stirred. Happy Reading! 

P.S. Sorry no picture of the cover, google is acting funky and I just wanted to publish this so I can move on to the next book. :) 


  1. I thought he was after fallen too far and never too far with rush and blair :) i think u mix the books hehe

  2. I did OMG thanks V! I was too excited to write this review lol!