Saturday, February 9, 2013

Because of Low by Abbi Glines

Thanks to this Blizzard I was able to sit in bed reading instead of looking outside and thinking about all the shoveling I need to do. I just finished Because of Low which is actually part 2 to Breathe (which I loved so much!)  Because of Low is Marcus' book. It tells us whats going on with his life after the Sadie & Jax issue. While staying with his friend Cage, Marcus meets Willow. He is attracted to her right away. He tries to woo her and figure out what her relationship with Cage is (he's a manwhore) Marcus is a good guy. I had a hard time forginving him in this book. Maybe, to me, I just kept thinking of him as I saw him in Breathe. I dont know. Anywho, it is a really good read. Marcus does NOT make my book boyfriend list. I'm a Jax girl 100%, yes I want Marcus to be happy. BUT I have no tolerance for his spoiled brattiness. Me and Marcus are just friends. He can't steal my heart. :) OK, on to organize my closet and watch 21 Jump Street.

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