Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Flee by Miranda Kavi

I just finished reading Flee by Miranda Kavi. It is a GREAT short story. It reminds me a bit of a romance with a bit of Hunger Games mixed together. Gavyn, another British accented hottie falls in love with Aurora. Aurora has a secret, she can fly. Yeah, like some X-men thing. Actually, as I read this book I kept thinking of Jennifer Lawrence aka Catniss as Aurora. The Hunger Games trilogy is one of my FAV BOOKS OF ALL TIME. YES, it's that serious. Right up there with Twilight :)  But seriously, the Hunger Games...which I have no blog about YET were the best books I've read in a long time. Talk about book boyfriends/girlfriends? I didn't read anything else after that for almost two months. I knew nothing would be that good.... OK, back to Flee. Gavyn does melt your heart. However, when the inevitable separation happens I was so focused on wanting him to come back into the picture that I lost some of my initial mushiness because I was so impatient. (Like how in New Moon I was impatiently awaiting Edwards return) Flee had tons of humor: What is the first thing we learn about law school: "There are no hot guys. None. Absolutely none." Secondly, it is rather funny how shocked I was that Gavyn didn't already know where Aurora lived. I'm so used to Mr. Grey, Cross or Rawling, strong, dominant men who are on the verge of being a stalker who know everything about the female before she even opens her mouth. Thirdly, Gavyn totally wins me over when he is trying to purpose? ask out? (I dont know what to call it) Aurora. He is prepared with Plan A, B and C. All plans include them being together, SWOON! Not being together is not an option. While he does win my heart, it is more like just a crush. Gavyn wont be making my all time book boyfriend list. However, I do recommend this book. it's a light, fast-paced, not too much romance, action book. And, best of all, it is FREE on Amazon!

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