Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rapture by Lauren Kate

Tonight I finished reading Rapture by Lauren Kate. This is the 4th book of the Fallen series. I started this book sometime last year but could not bring myself to finish it. I hate waiting and waiting for books to come out. I totally loved the 1st and 2nd book in this series. The third not so much. I just wanted them to be happy. Why did their love need to be tested so much? Anywho...I'm very happy how this book turned out MINUS the fact they have to be mortals and find each other again and fall in love all over again. WITHOUT any knowledge of their history...which might I add is every love story from every time period of history known to man...does that sentence even make sense?? Daniel and Lucinda must fight heaven and hell in order to be in love and be together. A good ya paranormal romance read. Would have loved if this series were only 3 books instead of 4. Does Daniel make my book boyfriend list?? YES! Despite my impatience with some aspects of the book, Daniel is dreamy. What can I say? I'm a sucker for romance remember?? :)

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