Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ember by Jessica Sorensen

Ember by Jessica Sorensen was a good read but just a little too goth for me. It was a very dark book. I am writing about it after finishing it a couple of days ago. Normally I write about a book as soon as I'm done with it because I need to get all the emotions out of my system  I kind of wanted to keep the light on after reading this one. It is not really scary in the sense of scary movies. All the dark things about the book just stuck with me. There are some cool things about this book. Everyone has a cool name: Ember, Asher, Cameron, Raven... This story reminds me of Lauren Kate's Fallen series. Both book series are about fallen angels and the war between good and evil. Fallen is more like Twilight and Ember is more like Dracula. It was a good read if you are in the mood for something dark-not emotionally dark-literally dark like goth stuff. Personally, since I just finished reading Rapture, the last fallen series book, I am kind of needing a break from the whole fallen angels, war between good an evil, fate of everyone lies in one person kind of story.

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