Sunday, February 17, 2013

This Too Shall Pass by Jettie Woodruff

Let me start by saying this cover is deceiving. This cover looks so scandalous. While there are  adult scenes in the book this book is not overbearing. Actually- let me start from the beginning. You really don't know where this book is going. It was like watching a lifetime movie. We meet Alexis. She lives in a small town, has a farm, is a photographer and is so not interested in being in a relationship. She had a bad experience and 8 years later still hasn't wanted to try it again. Enter Cory, a big-city doctor from Chicago who moves to this sleepy town to raise his daughter. It goes without saying he is rich and handsome and about 6 feet tall. They meet, he is interested. She is interested but afraid of letting her guard down. She gives him a chance. He turns out to be prince charming. Page after page their story unfolds and it is all good stuff. Normal stuff. I was almost starting to get bored. Then something bad happens. BOOM- I was mad. After that scene I had to go home and had no choice but to stop reading. I was so angry at her. I listed to Destiny's Child Nasty Girl the entire ride home from Middletown! No, it was not that serious. I can tend to be overly dramatic at times-just a tad... When I picked up the book again I quickly realized what I originally thought-what any readers would think-was a huge misunderstanding. I was still mad at Lexi. Totally. BUTTTTTT-Cory got some of the wrath of Jazzy too. Once again all is righted and the world continues to rotate. Cory does not make my book boyfriend list. Even though he is prince charming a few elements were missing to make him that memorable to me. Do I recommend this book? Yes. Be prepared, it is a long read and at times you will wonder "Why am I reading this book, it is just going on and on how great their life is?" but overall it was a good read. And there is a dog in the story. You know how much I love that!

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