Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Let's Talk Movies: 50 Shades of Grey

On a hiatus or not, what kind of blogger would I be if I did not have something to say about the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon -movie!?!  At first, I will admit, I was not interested in seeing this movie at all. Was not interested in advanced tickets, making a shirt, trying to show my love for the books/movie like I do with other releases. Not until two days before it was supposed to come out did I get excited to see it. I did not see it on the early Thursday screening like everyone was so happily posting all over facebook. I was not a happy camper about that lol. Let's get to the movie, shall we? Overall, I liked it. I was not in love with it but I did like it. Dakota Johnson as Ana stole the show. She did an amazing job! I was not expecting that from her. But, Jaime, Jaime, Jaime... He did not do it for me. I was not thrilled that he would be 50 from the beginning. He reminds me of Justin Timberlake. No offense to Justin, I love that man. But when I think of the Christian Grey - Justin Timberlake should not come to mind. I need a more dominating man. A little bigger and not so boyish. Oh well. We can't get everything we want! I am looking forward to seeing the movie a second time. I feel like the first time I was waiting and scrutinizing and comparing everything to the book. The second time I watch it I just want to see it for a movie - a plain ole movie. 

The Soundtrack! It is a must buy. I love it, even the older songs on there. Really, the key to having a good movie is having a badass soundtrack. I'm sure I've said this before. Between The Weeknds voice and Beyonce's Crazy in Love mix that soundtrack has been on repeat in my ears!

Let's talk about how awesome it is that something that started out as Twilight fan fiction from a woman with an idea now has become a million-billion- dollar dream come true! I loved the books before they were even popular. Met E.L. James at a signing where the tickets were only $25 bucks! Not only did she sign all the books but she actually spoke to us and was a normal person. Love it or hate it, it is still the hot ticket. Can't wait for the next 2 movies. Laters, baby!

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