Monday, January 28, 2013

$16 Manicure/Meditation Session/ Wybie Blogging

Tonight, I'd like to share 2 things with you. The first is my blog helper. He just wants to be a part of this blog tonight. Wybie thought it would be very helpful to me if he put his head on the laptop.

On a more blog worthy note: On Friday I went to ghettomart (Flatbush Walmart) to get gel polish on my nails. They are really cheap there $15-16 as opposed to $30-$35 in other salons. The Asian man who did my nails was named Kevin. When I shared my name was Jasmine he said his wife loves the flower and grows it in their kitchen window. I told him how I have a lot of lavendar in my garden. He said you love nature, let me share with you a way to be closer to nature. He goes into a 15 minute talk about the power of meditation. 10 minutes is all you need. To start go on youtube and find some Zen music. Once you have selected your song sit Indian style on the floor with your eyes closed. Clasp your fingers so they create the infinity sign-to be reminded that the knowledge inside of your brain is infinite. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing and on clearing your mind. Thats it. This is the simplicity of meditating. I tried meditating a long time ago but it felt weird. After trying yoga I downloaded a zen song with the intention of meditating or doing yoga to clear my mind. Kevin tells me while he meditated that morning he prayed to be given the chance to share his love of meditation with someone. Since I was his first customer that day and I loved nature he thought it was appropriate. It was a really nice experience which teaches a few things. Sometimes things are set in motion and we have no clue when or why it is happening. I have been so exhausted these past few days and Kevin reminded me to slow down and take some time to clear my mind so I can relax. I was also reminded not to judge a book by its cover. Ghettomart really turned into Meditation 101. I met a genuine person who shared his passion for meditation with me. Although the manicure was $21 bucks after the tip the interaction, knowledge and experience was priceless.

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