Monday, January 28, 2013


Can you believe it is Saturday night and I still can't believe that on Monday morning I will be driving to another job? It's like I pushed it aside and am still trying to soak it in. HPL was my first job. Throughout my 12 years here I have made many amazing friends, many of whom I consider my family. Thank you to everyone who made my time there, last few days and each day special. We all know how challenging each day will be yet one thing was sure-we had each other. Thank you for listening to me vent, lending a shoulder to cry on, and being apart of many important moments of my life (both happy and sad). I'm sure Wesleyan will be great but they wont have all of you guys there. I will miss each of you every day! I don't have pics of everyone but that doesn't mean you're not included.

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