Monday, November 25, 2013

Long Way Home by Ann Vaughn

I cant even think how to start this review off. I think I was expecting a romance story here-but I got so much more. This book is like The Notebook meets G.I. Jane combined. Once I started reading I did not stop-literally read it in 3 hours. Let's talk about all of the things I love about this book:  

  • third person narration
  • strong female character
  • strong male character
  • sick ba$tards trying to screw with main characters
  • Love that is like the Notebook
  • an awesome plot that made me literally slap my mouth shut with my hand because I was in shock 2 TIMES!
Tessa and Shane have loved each other since kindergarten pretty much.  You know how we always tell girls, "If a boy picks on you it means he likes you?' Well, in this book it's the opposite. Tessa is doing all the picking! It is too adorable. Their relationship blooms in high school and of course that always ruins relationships. I wont give the story away but Shane goes to college, Tessa joins the army-YEAH, talk about bada$$! She does well then works for the FBI. Shane does well too. They end up working together on a crazy undercover mission. Boy do these two have a tough road. Shane is definitely, no questions asked, a book boyfriend. Such a great read. I whole heartedly recommend this for anyone-but especially readers who like strong characters who overcome literally the impossible and stay true to themselves. And of course, to anyone who loves a good love story. 

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