Sunday, November 17, 2013

A night of fabulousness with Abbi Glines, Colleen Hoover and Jamie Mcguire!

***Warning- This is a super long post!***
On Friday night, these 3 fabulous ladies were at Mohegan Sun Casino! Abbi Glines, Jamie McGuire and Colleen Hoover all on one stage! These ladies are so cool! They seem like the best of friends and each of them has their own personality! I feel like I was more star shocked and need to work on my blogger/journalist qualities. Instead of taking notes and thinking up awesome questions to ask them I was gushing and excited to be in a room full of book boyfriend lovers! We sat at a table with another book lover and it was really nice to see someone else so excited about fictional men other than us! Of course I had to make a T Shirt to commemorate this event and to show these ladies how much I love their creations. Some things I just had to include in the shirt were:

  • "butterflying"
  • "I'll take the Lake!" 
  • "It's pretty impossible to hurt what Death protects." (love me some Dankmar!)
  • A list of Abbi's book boyfriends: of course DANK is #1, then we have JAX!, WOODS, RUSH!, Grant, Leif, Jace and Marcus (he was my least fav). 
Somehow, I mustered up the courage to ask them a question! I asked if they have read each others books and if they have a favorite! UMMM, I wish I was not so nervous because I can't really remember if they had distinct favorites! I KNOW! What a dorkus. BUT, they do read each others book and of course it's impossible not to love these guys. So here are some of my thoughts on these fabulous ladies.

Jamie McGuire- She probably got the least "love" from me. Not on purpose. I fell in love with Travis before I started my blog and was one of the first bad boys I loved. I didn't have any snazzy quotes to put on my shirt. I didn't plan enough to buy an actual book (I have all of her books on ebooks)- I just should have planned better! She was awesome enough to sign my bag though! She has a witty and cool personality. What I love most about her is she has the most humbling story to fame and is so appreciative. Hearing her speak about that just made me respect her even more! And her advice to someone who wants to be a writer: "Start what you finish." :) She meant finish what you start but I just love start what you finish! How appropriate!

Colleen Hoover- Abbi and Jamie described her as "not showing any outward emotion." She seemed to be so calm, collected and easy going! Her books are so deep and amazing that you just cant help but LOVE everything she writes. The plots just keep turning and surprise you. Not to mention Will and Holder are so amazing! Even the poetry in Slammed has touched even me and I am so not a poetry person! "I'll take the Lake" too baby! Not to mention, she actually wrote back to my comment on FB. Extra brownie points in my book! 

Abbi Glines- I would describe her as the diva of the group. Her accent is just too adorable and she is so funny! I just love her! She is one of my all time favorites, EVER. Actually, I have written about her books on my blog more than any other author or book! Even more than my beloved Dex, from EIT!  ------> Abbi noticed my shirt! AND, she favorited my tweet and responded!! Super mega brownie points for Abbi! 

It was such an amazing night and I feel like no matter how much I write it will never show the total awesomeness! Another great thing was their publicist! Even though they signed multiple books for over 2 hours they took pictures with everyone! Their publicist would even take the picture for you! Everyone was just so nice and friendly. It was truly a great night! 

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