Sunday, November 17, 2013

I met Aleatha Romig!

What a fun and exciting weekend! On Saturday I went to the Omni Hotel in New Haven to see Aleatha Romig! This was particularly special because she is the first author who shared my blog and actually wrote back to me on Facebook. Not only that, if you haven't read the Consequences series, please do so. It makes you question your sanity! It was the first time I read a book where I really hated the main character at first and then ended up loving him. It made me question my psychological health! The best part is when we got to the signing we had some quality time with Aleatha! I met her, shook her hand, and was able to talk to her about Tony, my blog and thank her for sharing my blog! She was so cool and down to earth! She took a picture of the shirt I made and put it on fb! How awesome! (Separate post about the shirt here) She gave me some swag to share on my blog! When I get to 100 likes I'll give away one of the signed Red Wing napkins that sealed Claire's fate. I could not be more excited. I feel like I met a celebrity LOL! I asked her how did she get an idea for this story in her head. Her response was she watches a lot of Criminal Minds. Also, this series was not intended to be a "romance" series. It just kind of happened that all of us romance readers took Tony and ran with it! We were lucky to have about 15 minutes of her undivided attention. I wish I would have asked more questions like, "Do you have any plans for another series once you are done with Behind His Eyes." (Tony's POV which she said might make us not like him again) This was definitely one of the top ten experiences in my life...not that I really have a list of them but maybe I should make one!  :)