Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Phrases that stay with you...

Have you ever read a book or watched a movie that touched you in a way that you took something away from it? Maybe a saying, a thought, a phrase, old sport? Well, it seems the more I read and the more I really enjoy something a little piece of the character stays with me. Some of my favorites are:

1. Twitchy palms- Mr. Christian Grey
2. We aim to please- again, Mr. Grey 
3. Old Sport- Mr. Gatsby (or DiCaprio LOL)
4. Do not disappoint- Mr. Rawlings
5. Appearances are everything- Mr. Rawlings
6. "Butteflying." Will & Lake
7. I love you to the moon and back- OMG, I can't remember which book that is from ! HELP!
8. Soookie- Mr. Bill Compton- you have to say it with the proper accent and exaggerate the O  :)
9. May the odds be ever in your favor- Hunger Games

What are some of your favorites? Maybe we can compile a pretty good list! 

Anyone remember any sayings from Mr. Cross?


  1. # 7 is from the wedding song from Fallen too Far :)

  2. Laters baby-Elliot to Kate and sometimes Mr, Grey to Anastasia

    Baby girl- Cary to Eva

    Not from Mr. Cross