Friday, December 27, 2013

ATTENTION READERS: Reviews? Do you write them? Read them?

Hi guys! I'm just curious over here. When you read a book how likely are you to write a review on amazon or goodreads? I don't mean a full on review like I do on my blog but just share your thoughts? Do reviews influence your decision to buy a particular book? I love to read reviews especially when I'm not sure what the book is about.

Recently I have learned how important reviews are. By chatting with new authors I have realized that we have some power. I think if we all went and reviewed a book by J.R. Ward it would not really matter. She is already super popular and everyone loves the Brotherhood. I'm sure she would still appreciate it though. :) 
I mean, independent authors, new authors, authors who are not big household names yet. The ones that you can interact with on Facebook or other social media and actually respond to your messages. 

I started my blog to keep track of the books I read and to be my "notebook." For as long as I can remember I have written journals and filled them with thoughts, things to research and things I didn't want to forget. I'd like to think my blog has turned into something a little more than that. If I can help someone else select a book, try a new series or genre out or just show an awesome book some love, I will. 

If you don't already review your purchases on amazon or goodreads I would encourage you to do so. Especially if you are a reading machine-like so many of my friends are! It doesn't have to be a long review. Just honest and mindful of others. Try not to give anything away or review something too harshly if you didn't like something. Goodreads is neat because it keeps count of each book you read. 

Happy Reading and Reviewing!

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