Thursday, December 12, 2013

Awakening by Ashley Suzanne

Whoa baby! LOVED this one!. If you remember, Mirage left us with a crazy twist/cliffhanger. Danny and Skylar both are book boyfriends but I am team Skylar all the way baby! In Mirage, he was too much of a biker/bad boy for me but in Awakening, it is just right. I wont give this story away but there are some things I LOVED about this book. Mira is facing a really hard situation. Should she do what is expected of her and what she knows or should she betray that and go for what her heart tells her? What I love is that she was so honest. There was no deception. Here are some of my favorite quotes:
  • Danny's touch is comforting. It always was. But Skylar's touch? It's magical.
  • " You know you're going to break his heart, don't you?" "You know you're breaking mine..."
  • "Danny says you look beautiful." When she goes to the next text, my heart races. I'm almost positive it's from Skylar and the waiting is killing me. I wish she would just put me out of my fucking misery. "Sklyar says you look absolutely breathtaking." Well fuck.
  • I don't have to let the accident ruin the things that I love. I can live my life. I've been given a blessing. I'm alive.
  • "I'm not letting Skylar anywhere near her. I've already lost one girl to..." Danny stops himself in mid-sentence, realizing what he's said and it's far too late for him to back-peddle. Strike fucking three, and I'm out.
  • Danny's shock quickly turned to anger and jealousy. Yeah, buddy, get pissed. I did your job for you.
  • ME- Have a date w/Sklyar 2nite. What do I wear? KYLEE- Bout fuckin time KYLEE- My closet. Red dress. Black boots. ME- Thx Ky. Ur a lifesaver. KYLEE- No panties!!! ME- Ur insane. KYLEE-U'll thank me later. NO PANTIES!!! (LMAO)
  • "Sweets, calm down," Skylar laughs, apparently finding my humiliation funny, "I planned on staying with you all night, just not here." Well shit, should I be offended that he thinks we're sleeping together on the first date? Shut up, Mira, stop over analyzing.
  • I'll promise not to let you get ahead of yourself if you promise not to break my heart.
  • The wind burned pink of Mira's cheeks turns red in a heartbeat. "I'm not wearing any panties," she whispers. I'm dying with laughter...
  • Mother hell, please just give it to me.
  • All she keeps talking about is, "I need to know who Laney chooses" or "I'm so team Evan it's crazy" or my absolute favorite "Where the fuck is a Sawyer when you need one?" Really, if I have to hear about this Evolve Series by S.E. Hall again, I'm going to kill myself.  (Literally made me crack the hell up-out loud-at work!)
  • "Sorry, Ky. That was amazing." No shit, Sherlock, it's always amazing. Have you seen me? LOL
5 Stars for this one!

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