Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

It is so easy to get caught up in the commercial aspect of Christmas. The true meaning is often forgotten. During this time of year it is a time to enjoy your family, embrace family traditions-or start new ones, and to show appreciation to those around you for all they do. For me, my family's Christmas tradition was to watch movies while laying in the living room on a big comfy blanket eating yummy food waiting for midnight to open our gifts. Of course, we'd always fall asleep somewhere between the 11pm hour and wake up after midnight. We'd open presents then go back to bed. Rey's family has a different tradition. They celebrate with music, food and with family. They have a much bigger family then I do. It was always just me, my mom and sister and sometimes our grandma. One year, we took a road trip to surprise Rey's sister in Florida. It was the first time I had spent Christmas away from my family. I did not expect to miss my mom, sis and Christmas eve tradition so much. Each time I would speak to them on the phone I would start crying. Each time I was around Rey's family, watching their traditions and being a part of it, I started crying. Rey's family is great with making the moments count. They are always grateful for your presence and always share that. I think that was the Christmas I cried the most. It was not about the gifts but the people and love around you. Although I was not with my mom and sister I still felt loved and realized how much I loved my family.

Today, it's Christmas Eve. My mother is in Florida with my sister. This is the 2nd Christmas we are apart. I didn't think I would be sad. This morning Rey shows me this link: http://news.wgcu.org/post/latino-christmas-traditions#.Urmj1MZjveg.facebook.  It is Rey's sister describing her reaction to our visit that Christmas. Guess what? It made me cry. That year I cried for my family and this year I cried for his. I promise, I don't enjoy crying all the time. :) If you have a minute, click the link above. She narrates the story. It was amazing to hear her thoughts and made us get the warm and fuzzys all over again. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! Especially all of you great people who check out my blog and fb page and support me in various ways! xoxo

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