Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Evolve Series Blog Tour

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loved this book. It is one of my favs! Now, if you are not a huge fan of love triangles, this might not be for you. However, it is not one of those books where the girl just makes you mad and is going back and forth between guys. She is normal and so honest and straight forward. It is a love story mixed with comedy and real life. Well, except for rich millionaire men sweeping you off your feet. Really, both Evan and Dane are awesome guys. Both are totally book boyfriend material. But from the very beginning, I must say, I was team Dane all the way baby! I cant really give the story away. But here are some of my favorite quotes from the book:

  • "Um, Dane, have you been checking me out? I blush. "Only when I'm breathing."
  • "What took us years to build, a strong foundation that withstood any element, has just suffered its first crack. It took a fraction of the time."
  • ...Dane is a "go big or go home" guy apparently. 
  • "Where is this town she comes from that's obviously filled with the dumbest bastards on the planet?"
  • "Last chance, Disney. Once I get a taste, I'm coming after you with everything I've got."
  • Game on, Evan.
OH! Laney describes her situation in this book like the Sweet Home Alabama movie. I agree! But what worries me is that in that movie I wanted Reese to stay with the country boy from her past and not the GQ guy from her present! Oh, the dilemma. Do I really hope Dane wins or can Evan still make a comeback? 

If you like Abbi Glines or Colleen Hoover you will love this series! 

Embrace & Entangled
Well, didn't I just devour these books up! This is the second book in the Evolve series. Maybe I have read so many dark, intense books lately that what I really needed was a good romance/comedy to switch it up. 
Where do I start? I really get the Abbi Glines, Colleen Hoover warm and fuzzies over this series!  I mean, you just love all of the characters. Well, except for Kaitlyn. I was on to her from the very beginning-well, after that text message that is. Entangled is a novella. I think I forgot this while I was reading it because I just didn't want it to end. That Dane! He is just perfect. Evan isn't so bad either. I wont give the story away but here are some of my favorite quotes:


"When Sawyer says "tag team," you ask for clarification. We could be talking about anything at this point."
  • "Well, you don't have a girlfriend, and because Jesus loves me, neither do I..."
  • ..."I get in the car, immediately turning on my 'pump me up' music, 'Let Me Clear My Throat' by DJ Kool. I mean really, is there any other choice?" 
  • "Laney 'Killer' Walker"
  • "Wink=100% success rate"
  • "...Drunken words are sober thoughts..."
  • Laney figuring out all Disney movies do not have a good mother figure or no mother at all.
  • "Can I get an Amen." (Laney on Dane's sexual hunger lol_
  • "...Triple D, aka Dane Dick Diversion..."
  • Laney's description for her own diversion, sorry I cant write that word. :)
  • "...like the GQ Boss Sex on Legs."
  • "We're still at like, twenty-four shades of grey, mister."

Author extraordinaire S.E. Hall

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