Friday, December 20, 2013

Virtual Encounters by Stephen Olander

Well, well, well... You stumbled upon Virtual Encounters did you? 

  1. You better one click this bad boy on amazon.
  2. DO NOT read this book (quick read) while you are at work. 
  3. DO NOT google any terminology you may not be familiar with from a place someone else can see.
Let me start by saying the beginning of my reading craze started with Twilight-which was written by a Mormon woman for teenagers. After that I thought reading Black Dagger Brotherhood and Dark Hunters was spicy. The spicy reading continued and after 2 years of reading religiously Stephen Olander has still managed to show me something new.You will never look at snowballs the same, I promise you. I'm not sure this is a good thing. Young ladies don't really need to have that knowledge in their head. OK, back to Virtual Encounters. This is a fun, easy and quick read. SPICY! It is set in the future. Craig and Veronica are happily married and enjoy sex. To take things to the next level they purchase a holographic machine which allows them to experience what it is like to add another person to their bed without it being "real." Real in the sense that the person is a hologram but the sensation is 100% real. While this is fun for a while, as with all things, it starts to put a strain on their relationship. This is a cautionary tale of the dangers of too many sexual fantasies come to life. No book boyfriends in this one-unless the holographic machine counts... Four stars from me! 

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