Tuesday, December 10, 2013

16 year old wisdom

Tonight, as usual, I was bothering my stepson about his ever growing hair. "You look like Edward Cullen." He responds, "Nah, I kind of have the Bill Clinton hair going on now." That's not what I expect to hear from a 16 year old. We then get into a conversation about Clinton and his impeachment. Of course he didn't believe me and had to do some pretty intense research aka google. This leads to Obama and how he has aged during his presidency. We both agreed it's due to the stress of the job. His solution to the political stress (democratic president, republicans everywhere else) is this: if he were running for presidency he would simply run as opposite of his beliefs. He would run as a republican, get elected then be the most liberal republican or vice versa. 
As we talk about Democrats and Republicans he compares it to Xbox and Play Station, also known as the console wars. Yes, he managed to compare politics to war raging from xbox and ps lovers worldwide. This then leads to an hour long conversation about his "theories." Apparently, when he takes a 15 minute shower not only is he using up all the hot water in the tank he is pondering the mysteries of the world. This includes religion, beliefs and human interest. My plan for the evening was to write 2 reviews and start reading a book. That plan didn't work so well for me. Instead, I realized how proud I was that this kid that I nag at all the time (SAT"s, College applications, laundry, trash removal) who plays xbox as if it were his full time job and answers most questions with "uh huh, ut uh" or a one word answers was sharing so much information with me. He has always had an expansive vocabulary since he was a child. It's nice to know there is still a working brain in there despite all of the Family Guy episodes and countless hours spent on some sort of video game console. 

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  1. Awee this is a nice post. He is your son Jasmine! and beautiful family picture ^-^