Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Fire King's Daughter by T.E. Ridener

Finally, a book that used "arse" in a sentence! I did not even see that one coming! Sometimes-OK, almost every time I read a book with men who have accents I am secretly waiting for them to say "arse." I have read so many romance books lately that I forgot what it was like to read a book where there is a focus on something other than the romance itself. T.E. Ridener creates a magical world with the elements, fairies, villains and a great plot. Isaiah and Heidi could not be more different from one another. Literally, Isaiah made me crack up out loud while reading at work. There are so many funny sentences and phrases. Here are some of them:

  • The sound of his voice alone made Heidi want to ignite a bunny rabbit, and that was a shame because she quite liked bunnies.
  • "I think someone must have taken a leak in Jack Frost's Wheaties this morning."
  • "What do you Sheilas do in there, anyway?"
  • Fall Out Boy. What was that? Was it a group of boys who fell out of things?
  • She was not some helpless little princess who would cower away in her tower (which she didn't even have one)... LOL
  • "...and I might add there is no reason to resort to hermitage unless there is someone around to have sex with."
  • But she wouldn't touch him, ever. Unless of course she was going to punch him in the face, but she couldn't do that; it was not something a princess would do.
  • "Dump the daft bloke and find somebody who will appreciate you."
  •  "You're a stubborn, bark-head."
  • "You went off with that imbecile and left me there to look like an arse." (insert girly giggles here)
  • slumber clothes
  • the great crimson flow
  • dash him
  • harlot
  • toaster
  • stupid icer
  • fornicate
  • oh sweet sapphires
4 stars or snowflakes or fireballs 


  1. Oh my gosh! What a joy it was to find this blog post. You have seriously made my day. Thank you, Jazzy!

  2. The Man Series has a lot arse in it :)