Thursday, January 9, 2014

Blog Tour: Without Doubt by CJ Azevedo

I am so sad this book is over! I am so mad I waited so long to read this book! What was I thinking?! Declan, Declan, Declan! I think it is now impossible for me to not LOVE any male character named Declan. I loved Declan aka Dex from the Experiment in Terror Series by Karina Halle. And I surely do love Declan from this book! He is so sweet!!! Why is he so sweet!!! AAHHHH! LOL. OK, back to business, enough gushing. I went into this book blind. I had not a clue on what to expect. First thing I noticed was that Dec was a fighter. I haven't read many of those yet. Dec and Ava are total opposites! He is a fighter, a clean freak and has a pretty awesome life. (If I do say so myself) Ava is messy, keeps to herself and has a world of responsibilities. You know what they say? Opposites attract. My own theory is while there are a lot of opposites there is usually some underlying common ground-like kindness or something. Declan loves Ava. She loves him. Making it work seems impossible to her. He shows some real patience! I am impressed. Oh, he does make me mad but he is just made me swoon so much that I can look past that. I literally laughed out loud and cried all in the matter of 2 hours. I tried to pick out some of my favorite quotes but really this entire book can be a favorite quote! 

One Click this one! 5 stars ***** Yes, Dec makes the book boyfriend list for this year! 

  • "Well, Barbie, I tend to take care of the patrons that will be paying the tab. Based on the way you girls are dressed tonight, I think it's a safe bet that, in this case, that's going to be these boys here, not you."  (Heck yeah, I love her already!)
  • Oh, God, he's asking me for my name and for a split second I can't remember it.
  • "I'm going to get to you, Sunshine, I promise you that. And when I do, you won't be able to deny me."
  • "I can't say what I need to say while you're looking at me with your big stupid beautiful eyes."
  • This is the kiss from all of the romance movies when the girl finally gets her dream guy or the guy finally pulls his head out of his ass and picks the real girl-their kiss is always explosive, just like this one.
  • "No, Ava. This means that you're mine and nobody else's." (MAJOR SWOON!)
  • He's Googleable?
  • He's a badass, but he's a badass with a heart. 
  • In reality, I'm dying; sometimes I can't believe what comes out of my own mouth. (This happens to me also unfortunately)
  • The uneasiness of the conversation or lack thereof is easily outdone by his complete sexiness.

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