Thursday, January 16, 2014

Favorite quotes Behind His Eyes Consequences

Well, I could not just write a review and forget about my favorite quotes could I? I just did not want to overwhelm you with an essay on Mr. Rawlings. Aleatha has great quotes in all her books. One thing I love about Mr. Rawlings is his eloquent speech. When I hear his voice in my head it is very distinct and debonair, like V from the movie V for Vendetta.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes!

  • "As an esteemed businessman, he forgot one very important rule-he forgot to read the fine print. It wasn't an acquisition to own another person as he'd previously assumed. It was an agreement to acquire a a soul."- Aleatha Romig, Convicted  (Pretty badass!)
  • Clair Nichols was something of a fantasy, his distraction, like an exhibit at the zoo.
  • The fact that the vengeance gods looked down and blessed his plans reinforced his determination.
  • Before embarking on any deal, Anthony Rawlings thoroughly assessed the situation, eliminated the risks, and accentuated the assets.
  • Never in forty-five years had Anthony Rawlings considered himself someone's boyfriend. The concept was laughable. (I agree, he is way too manly for the work "boyfriend.")
  • She needed to recognize his authority! (Insert Cartman from South Park video above)
  • "Excuse me?" Anthony slowed his words. "Did I stutter?" (Oh, crap. She pissed him off!)
  • ...he owned her-all of her, including her thoughts. (This also reminds me of Gatsby wanting to own/change things that is impossible for another to control.)
  • ...his omnipresent power... (Tony has a tiny

    little God complex)
  • "If I say you will do something, you will do it. There are no gray areas? Do you understand?" (Yes, Tony, no 50 shades over here.)
  • Breaking her spirit had been his goal, and in true Anthony Rawlings fashion, he succeeded.
  • "A single moment of misunderstanding can be so poisonous that it can make us forget the many loveable moments spent together." Melchor Lim (So true!)
  • It wasn't like he demanded that much from her. (UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE CENTURY!!)
  • "Claire loves you and you love her. Let that be enough. There are other Nichols who can pay." ..."Nothing else is necessary; her name is off the list." (WTF, does Catherine get a brownie point?)
  • "Did you take this toxin knowingly?" (*&^%#$#@$^!!! insert any vulgarity here)

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