Wednesday, October 9, 2013


WOAH BABY! I did not realize how long I waited for this book until I read -no DEVOURED this book. Somehow, I forgot all the INTENSE emotions brought on by reading about Tony and Claire. This will be a spoiler free review! or Rant- I'm not sure if my thoughts will gather quick enough to form coherent sentences! One of my best friends always says "There are plots everywhere." That statement could not be more true in this series! There were so many plots that I almost lost track! This series reminds me of a lifetime movie-on crack! or V! (True Blood peeps you know what I mean!) 

If you have read my thoughts on the first two books in this series, Consequences and Truth, then you know this is a dark read and takes you to psychological places you never thought you would go. You learn a little about yourself in the process as you start to doubt your feelings.It is almost as if your heart and mind are at war with each other. As with the other books, Aleatha uses very powerful quotes at the beginning of each chapter! (Yeah, we're on a first name basis lol!) Not really BUT she was the first author to see and share my blog! And I do have a signed copy of the first 2 books. (Sorry, I'm too greedy to give those away.) Also, one of the chapter quotes was from NEW MOON! Talk about earning big brownie points Aleatha! Honestly, if you are emotionally strong enough to venture into something unknown and a little scary you need to read this series! One thing I will share is the theme of love. The heart is so resilient even when it seems it can break no more-it does, then mends itself back together. Love can be a very powerful thing. It is clearly proven in this series. Aleatha does not disappoint and Tony would be proud!

P.S. Tony is SOOOO on the book boyfriend list. Dang it! He is on the book husband list LOL. Phil can come in on the book boyfriend list since his loyalty is so superb. 

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