Sunday, October 13, 2013

Let's talk Movies: Gravity

I have been on quite the movie kick lately haven't I? I was in some sort of writing slump but now have all this energy to write-thank you black coffee. I was a little skeptical to see this movie.I had a fear that it would just be Sandra Bullock in space and possibly George Clooney. If you have ever seen Open Water, then you know what I am referring to. Who wants to watch a movie with only one person in it for almost 2 hours stuck in a horrible situation? I will admit to watching Open Water 1 & 2, maybe I am a masochist? If you have the chance to watch Gravity in the theater, specifically IMAX 3D I totally recommend it. Since most of us will never go to space in our lifetime it does give us a beautiful visual. The 3D technology used in this film was top notch! I have never seen another 3D movie that felt so real and like the objects were really going to hit you. The story line did not disappoint either. I would not wait for DVD for this one. Unless you have a 60+ inch tv at home. :) 

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