Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bold Tricks by Karina Halle

I just finished Karina Halle's Bold Tricks. It is the last book in the Artists Trilogy. What an exciting book! Can I just say how much I love Camden McQueen!?! He is such a stand up guy! This series would make a great movie. Action packed and always keeps you on your toes. Bad guys that you love to hate or hate to love? Camden is so a book boyfriend and what the heck so is Javier! I love pretty much anything that Karina Halle writes and each series is different. It is not limited to one genre. BUT, I will say, I did find a few moments where Camden reminded me of Dex for just a minute. Which is always a good thing! Since I love Dex from her other series, Experiment in Terror. Pretty much the only time I was reminded of Dex was when Camden and Ellie were talking about "needing a fix" and what fix really means. We all know how much Dex loved talking about the D. Do yourself a favor and read this series. It is a great, fast paced, action packed story full of awesomeness! 
Book 1- Sins and Needles
Book 1.5- On Every Street
Book 2- Shooting Scars
Book 3- On Every Street

I will say I have not read On Every Street yet. It is from when Ellie was with Javier and at the time I was not ready to love him that much yet. Will be reading that next though! 

This would be my Camden...

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