Friday, October 11, 2013

Let's Talk Movies: Prisoners

A few weeks ago I saw Prisoners. Actually, I had to see it 2 times. Once with my friend then with my family. It is not one of those movies you may want to see twice at the theater but it was either re-watch Riddick or Prisoners. Prisoners it was! Now, even though there are super hotties in this move aka Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhal they are not necessarily hot in this movie. I went into the movie not knowing much about the plot. Wow it was an emotional ride. Talk about psychological thriller! Jake Gyllenhall looked like an ex gang member from ease L.A. Hugh Jackman looked like a lumberjack. OH! I almost forgot about Terrence Howard! His role in the movie was sooooooo funny! He was such a wimp! I could not even believe it! Plot summary: 2 little girls get kidnapped on Thanksgiving. 2 hours of movie trying to find them. The ending is SO frustrating. Since it is left open to interpretation I'm hoping that poor Hugh Jackman is ok. While this was a good movie, I'd say this is one you can watch on DVD instead of going to the theater. 

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