Monday, June 3, 2013

Makeup chit chat Part 1

This post will be about makeup so if you're a boy or don't like make up you may want to skip this post. :) Also, it might be a bit on the long side. Sorry! Over the past 2 months I have been on a YouTube rampage watching make up videos. I always have had a great love affair with makeup. Watching these videos may not have been the best idea...but oh well, what can we do? We can talk about the makeup I have bought and tried and hopefully it will help you out when you get tempted to buy something. I tried making more videos to share but I do not have the proper equipment yet. My iphone is full, literally, I can't even take one more picture without deleting one first. I used my tablet and filmed 3 more videos but YouTube formatted them funny and I got mad and deleted them. Em's ipad is not running on the updated version so I cant use imovie on the ipad. See, its frustrating just to read this. So, I will make videos when I have a proper video camera. Because. let's face it, it is super fun to talk to yourself about fun things like playing makeup and sharing it with your friends and family. OK, I'm rambling, let's get started before this becomes a dissertation.

 In order from left to right:
1. L'Oreal Youth Code BB Cream: about $15 bucks at most drugstores. I do like this product. It does not give much coverage. It is pretty much a tinted moisturizer with SPF and claims to help your skin. It is very moisturizing so I do not use it everyday. Only when my skin is dry and I don't feel like putting on a full face of makeup.I will probably use it more in the winter or if I'm going to the beach. Not good for oily skin. It leaves your skin looking fresh and moist.(which  mine can be, especially in summer) Overall, thumbs up! 

2. Wet n Wild Coverall: about $5 or less at Walgreen's. I got it on sale for 40% off! They don't have many dark colors but if you are fair skin go out and get this! For $5 bucks it's great to have in your collection. It leaves your skin matte, works great on oily skin, covers pretty dang decent. Cons, the hole in the bottle is pretty big and you can squirt too much out. Also, you have to apply it quick because it dries quickly on your face.

3. Maybeline Dream Mouse Liquid Foundation: Got this on sale for $9 bucks at Walgreen's. I thought it was ok when I first used it but I really don't like it. The color is a little too pink for me. I don't think it makes my skin look any better. It leaves a natural finish. I don't hate it but I don't love it either and I rarely use it now. I wont recommend this either. 

4. Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation: about $14 bucks at most drugstores. Many YouTube people rave about this. I can't rave about it. It is pricey, you cant really see the color in the jar before you buy it. It applies nicely to the skin and leaves a satin finish. I feel like it dries to a powder almost. It is not my favorite and I will not buy it again. Revlon face products don't seem to agree with my big pores. I will say this did last all day and even though I was not a huge fan about the product I will keep using it until it runs out. You feel like you have makeup on when you wear this...which I wouldn't mind if I really loved the product. 

5. Revlon Photoready HD Foundation (not pictured above): about $14 at most drugstores. I HATED, HATED, HATED this product! I bought it in error. I really wanted to try the Revlon colorstay makeup that everyone on YouTube swears by. Makeup artists use that makeup on brides! I bought the wrong one. One, the color was way too dark,. Two, it AMPLIFIED my pores, like major. It made me feel old and cakey. I gave it to my grandma. (She likes Revlon products, not trying to make her look bad ) UGH, I just really dislike this product. I would NEVER recommend this to anyone in the entire world. Maybe one day I will try the Revlon colorstay but honestly I don't have much hope for it since I'm usually not happy with Revlon's foundations. 

L'Oreal Foundation
 LEFT: L'Oreal Visible Lift: I will talk about this below. I will say I LOVE THIS! Go buy this!
RIGHT: L'Oreal True Match Lumi: about $12 bucks at drugstores. This is a good, light foundation. It is moisturizing and really makes you luminous. They have a billion colors. It is better for people who have dry skin because this bad boy is moisturizing. It is not my favorite, but I will use it on dry days and in winter. 

 LEFT: L'Oreal Visible Lift: This stuff is AMAZING! The coverage is superb. It makes you look radiant. Does not make your pores look worse than they are. This is currently 50% off at all drugstores, so it is currently $8. I think its on sale because people didn't like that it came with a brush attached. They have one now that I haven't tried yet that does not have the brush. I don't mind the brush, its just while clicking to get the product up, you (I ) get impatient and do too many clicks because nothing is visible then BAM too much product. But its all good, just use it on your face! HEHE. OK, I loved this so much I bought one for my mom and bought another as a back up for me. ALSO, if you Google L'Oreal coupons you can print a coupon for $2 off face products. So I got this for $6!!! AMAZING! It is very similar to the MAC one beside it. I will be repurchasing this when it runs out!

RIGHT: MAC Pro Long Wear Foundation: This is also my favorite. It is $30 dollars BUT it is worth it. It is full coverage, does not make you look cakey. You do feel like you have makeup but it looks good and natural. You don't need a primer, the makeup is so good that everything else you put on (blush, etc) looks more vivid. It will last all day, like 12-16 hours! You're face will look fresh. If you touch your face or use the phone the makeup stays on your face and will not be all over your fingers like regular makeup. So, if I love it this much why do I need others you may be thinking...Well, I may not want my face on for that amount of time. Also, I want to look nice everyday but I don't want to look super flawless everyday because then Rey is going to be like who the heck are you when I don't wear makeup. (which is quite often) :) And, I like to match the makeup to the occasion. If I'm going to work sometimes I glam it up but it just has to be fresh looking. If I'm going to be spending time outdoors then I want something light that wont melt off my face. 

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