Monday, June 3, 2013

Darkness Before Dawn by Claire Contreras

Darkness Before Dawn is the next book after There is no Light in Darkness by Claire Contreras. This book had no spaceissues like the last book. Blake and Cole's story continues in this book. We finally learn what the big secret surrounding the two is. As much as I enjoyed this book, during some parts, I felt it was a little much. I was getting tired of all of the drama. It could just be I was in a weird mood. That happens sometimes and if I'm in a cynical mood it can alter my reading experience. (Sounds professional, right? "reading experience" LOL) I couldn't help but think of Sonny Corinthos from General Hospital. You know, he is like the major, humongous mob boss, who after being on the soap opera for what seems like 40 years is still bad-ass. OK, back to the book. There were some pretty shocking moments, and Cole just continued to be amazing. Heck yeah, he makes the book boyfriend list. I think even Dean can make the book boyfriend list!! Overall, I enjoyed this book and would recommend this series without hesitation.

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