Thursday, June 13, 2013

Entwined With You by Sylvia Day

WOW. I waited a while to read this book. I preordered it a long time ago. I forgot how spicy these books were. Gideon, oh, Gideon. I liked you from day 1. I was a little nervous to start this one because I heard it ended with a cliffhanger. I think it just ended with more to come. A healthy cliffhanger, no anger really. If possible, I fell in love with Gideon even more. Right now, if I had to choose between Christian and Gideon-I would so choose Gideon! That says a lot. I cant believe I just wrote that. I'm not going to write what the book is about. Too many of my friends have not read it yet. I devoured this book in 5.5 hours in 1 sitting.

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