Thursday, June 13, 2013

Let's talk movies: The Great Gatsby 1974

After falling in love all over again with The Great Gatsby, the new movie with Leonardo DiCarpio I wanted to see the original one with Robert Redford. Last night I did just that. Normally, I am not a fan of watching old movies. What I must say is that both movies stuck to the book 90% of the time. Actually, the 1974 Redford version stuck to the book about 97%! That was pretty impressive. Again, I have said before, I normally do not like to read the book after I watch the movie. It normally throws off my initial reaction to reading and the characters that may spring up in my head are now being measured against the actors in the movie. I did read the Great Gatsby in high school, and loved it, and reread it before watching this movie. I love the new movie hands down. The original was great for its time. I did not really like Mia Farrow. No real reason why. I did not like the actor that played Tom in this version either. He did not seem manly and strong like he is described in the book. I'm not a fan of Tom in general but I do like the actor in the new movie better. As for Gatsby, well, I can't deny that Robert Redford was not a great choice for that role. He is handsome and suave. However, I'm all for Leonardo DiCaprio. He just did a great job even with the few moments of cheesiness. So, you see old sport, I'm all for the new movie. Screw the critics. It is just a revamped version of the 1974 version. Like, imagine mild salsa then imagine habanero salsa. The new Gatsby is habanero salsa. :) Don't know why I just made that reference!

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