Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Let's talk movies: The Great Gatsby...old sport ;)

Let's discuss this movie shall we? I have seen it 3 times. I even saw it in 3-D. It was awesome! I LOVED this movie. I don't care what the critics say. I don't care if people get their panties in a bunch that Jay Z and Beyonce were the primary music in the movie. So what? We all know they weren't around in the 20's BUT  we live in 2013 and it was rather cool in my opinion. I will admit there are some cheesy moments, like when we first meet Mr. Gatsby:
Even though it is cheesy, it works. You get the shivers with the dramatic music and his charming smile. Darn Leonardo Di Caprio! We all know the story, we probably read it sometime during our school years. It's a love story gone wrong. Nonetheless, it is mesmerizing. I was not expecting Peter Parker aka Tobey McGuire to play Nick Calloway. What I love about the movie is that no matter how much glitz and glam and money are shown at the heart of Gatsby, and most people, is just love and hope. We see this time and time again throughout the movie. Gatsby is so humbled when Nick says he will arrange the meeting with him and Daisy just as a favor and didn't need anything in return. Yes, Gatsby goes overboard romancing Daisy, with a gazillion flowers, but just as the song in the background suggests, crazy in love. It is sweet. What else do I love? I love how Gatsby is always shooting Tom down. He is practically stealing (actually borrowing) his wife in front of his very eyes. I love that he is willing to fight and work for what he wants. He is not scared of Tom and he is honest (well-that's relative). Also, I love this song by Lana Del Rey-Young and Beautiful. How fitting for this movie! "Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful" That is deep! Unfortunately, that kind of love is only felt by Gatsby, not Daisy.  What else do I love about this movie? I love how they are all discussing, yes just discussing, about Gatsby and Daisy's affair like they are talking about the weather. REALLY? OH, and when finally, someone, Gatsby, has emotion, anger, passion about the situation, Daisy wimps out on him? Tom uses that against him? Do these people have no feelings! I do not like Tom obviously. I didn't bother to look up the actor who played him, I can't stand his dang voice. Also, they hypocrisy! He can cheat many, many times and the first(?) time Daisy does he goes on and on how they are a family and she is (well, Gatsby is) ruining their family? Denying his mistress even at her death! Setting up the death of Gatsby! UGH! He makes me mad! (LOL)  Overall, I loved this movie. I'm currently reading the book so expect a post on that soon! :) Better yet, read the book with me old sport. It's a short one. But, before I go, here is Leonardo in his Gatsby greatness. :) 

Please excuse the humongous pictures for this post. I needed them to be super big for this! :)

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