Thursday, March 27, 2014

Book Review: Crying Wolf by Amanda Kay

WHY? Did I think this was a YA book? I love YA books, don't get me wrong. Sometimes I just get ideas in my head. So, this is not a YA book. :) 
Do you like angst?
Do you like Shape Shifters?
Do you like wolves?
Do you like Romeo & Juliet?

Then you will love this book!
5 Stars!

Before I get ahead of myself, as I usually do, let me tell you what this book is about. Meet Hunter Jackson, the Hunter Jackson. He is the General of the Werewolf Army and son of the Commander. Meet Amelia Brecken, shape shifter. Not just any shape shifter either. The current Commander does not want peace between the wolves and shifters. He has his own mission to make them suffer. As fate would have it, Hunter, up and coming through the ranks has a different idea. He wants peace...and he may want more than just that. Hunter and Amelia are in love. Can their love and trust in one another be enough to overcome the impossible? (I really want to say the shit that's about to go down)

This book held me captive from the first page. I read this in an hour! That must be some new record for me. This book reminds me of Romeo & Juliet!!! Especially the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio & Claire Danes. I found myself trusting Hunter way too soon even when the laws of the world tell you not to trust him I didn't care. I just believed him! I'm a sucker for romance. I have to give it to Amelia, she is not annoying even though she knows something is off. You ever watch a movie and the man says "trust me just do as I say" and the woman is annoying and like "but I need to know" and asks 20 questions and you find yourself thinking "just do what he says, the killer is coming" or something like that? Amelia is not like that lol. 

I just have to note the awesome word play with the title. 

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

  • Peace or no peace. He didn't give a damn that she was a Shape Shifter, In face, he found that incredibly hot.
  • "Hmm...I see we're charming too."
  • "Please don't make me beg again, because I will."
  • "You have mastered the art of just the right amount of detail," she laughed.
  • "Dude, chill before you go Werewolf."
OHH! Hunter totally makes the book boyfriend list.

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