Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Book Review: Stirred Up by S.E. Hall & Angela Graham

This book was a surprise for me. I had no idea the author, one of them, S.E. Hall, was even writing this. I know these things because I'm pretty good at stalking her on Facebook! I literally read this in one sitting I think in under an hour! That is a new record for me. I have never read anything by Angela Graham yet but I will after reading this book. 

This is a great, easy read. As in easy I mean easy to get into, easy to love, quick to finish. You will find yourself laughing out loud, so be careful when reading at work. There is a hot, steamy, McDreamy doctor involved. More than 1 actually. I could not help it and had to use Dr. Travis a.k.a. The Bachelor Doctor for a teaser for this book. He is just too hot and came right to mind when reading this. I won't give the story away. It gets 5 stars from me.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

  • Is this child for real? I may only be twenty-six years old, but I was smarter than her at, say...five.
  • Mr. Appointment Maker (tempted to make that a hashtag!)
  • Jasmine works for me; in the cart it goes. (How freakin cool is that! I sure do!! Who cares if it turned out to be cheap smelling lotion lol!)
  • This is it-V day. No, not the flowers and candy one, the vagina one. 
  • ...it's like Fruitopia... 
  • Jesus, just kill me already.
  • Eyes on the prize, Doc, let's get this done!
  • My bathroom, shopping spree, productpalooza...

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