Monday, August 24, 2015

Let's Talk Movies: 50 Shades vs. 9 1/2 Weeks

This won't be a super long post. I did see 50 Shades a second time. I enjoyed it sooo much more the second time around! I really noticed a few scenes that reminded me of Twilight! I love that. Jamie is growing on me. I think he has mastered the one arm shirt removal LOL!

You all might be reading one more post about 50 Shades since I'm planning to see yet again! I. CANT. WAIT.  

***UPDATE: I did not end up seeing it a third time. I started to write this post long ago but just go too busy. If you can believe it I do not own the DVD yet! Nor have I watched it at home either. 

My sister in law suggested that I watch 9 1/2 Weeks and see how it compares to 50 Shades. I think it was like the 50 Shades of the late 80's. Personally, I feel 9 1/2 weeks was raunchier than 50 Shades. How is that even possible? There is a red room of pain in 50 Shades for crying out loud! Well, it is possible folks. 

Mickey Rourke then (two thumbs up)

Mickey Rourke now...

9 1/2 weeks

Kim Basinger- Timeless beauty. She plays Elizabeth. Mickey Rourke- not so handsome now but boy he was pretty handsome in his younger years. He plays John. The plot: Kim has an affair with a man she barely knows. They have hot intimate times but this leads down a slippery slope. He is playing this game with her. I totally did not like the ending. I was mad at John (Mickey). There are a few follow up movies but it is with different women. Of course the movie was from 1986 so there are some dated things, like the music, the movie magic, the fashion. Here is why I think this movie is raunchier: the sex scenes! Yes, they only show her in the nude. That is nothing new. BUT.... all the heavy breathing, all the "passion" seemed a bit naughty. I was almost embarrassed watching this! 


50 Shades of Grey I wont go into extreme depth about 50 Shades since most of us have seen it and it is more recent. I also wrote a previous blog post on all my thoughts on the movie. I will say I think 50 Shadesis "sexier" than 9 1/2 weeks. 

Personally, I think Henry Cavill should have played Christian. He is perfect. Look at that he is superman and Mr. Grey! Can the combination get any better? 

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  1. I tried watching 50 Shades, but turned it off after 15 minutes. I was bored. I think this book did not need a movie, just like I thought that the world did not need a Twilight movie either. Thumbs down.