Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Let's Talk Series: American Horror Story, Season 3, Coven

Well this post has been long in coming! Sometimes, I have the post all planned out in my brain but my fingers and laptop don't get the memo. I do love American Horror Story. I love everything about the show. I have rewatched Seasons 1 & 2 a few times. A long time ago I would never rewatch or reread anything. I felt like there were too many things out there for me to waste time rewatching or rereading something I have already experienced.  Lately, for the past few years, rewatching and rereading is some sort of sign. If I rewatch it means I love it. I'm not ready to let it go after the first experience. I don't want it to be over. Depending how deep my love runs for the particular thing depends how 
many times I will rewatch. OK, back to AHS. 
This post is not about the "logic" of my madness. 

So, American Horror Story, Coven. I did enjoy this season. I will go as far to say that even though I enjoyed it, it was my least favorite so far. Even though it wasn't about vampires, it reminded me a bit of True Blood. I also feel Coven was created more for women. I can't really see men being too into this season.  I'm sure many are, this is just my opinion.  There were some pretty good plot twists. I really was tired of Madison. She made me pretty frustrated.  

The trials the girls had to face to see who would be 
the next supreme reminded me of 
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows a bit!

I still will give this season 5 stars. This show is a must watch if you like anything supernatural or a bit scary. 

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