Friday, August 21, 2015

Let's Talk: Random Thoughts on the Black Market and The Dark Web

I have just been enlightened! For years I have been joking and asking about the black market. What do they sell? How do you buy from there? How much do things cost? Is there a "store?" Do they sell kidneys? The librarian in me needed to know. I was once quoted saying "How can I answer reference questions without the internet?" Shockingly, I had never googled the black market or anything of the sort. Maybe I was too busy rereading or rewatching some of my favorite books & movies. While having a casual conversation in the office today about current news (which I rarely watch) about hackers sharing private information about websites that are intended for you to find someone to cheat on your spouse with I learned about the "Dark Web." Sounds like something out of Harry Potter if you ask me! 

By no means is this blog post: 
1. Supporting the dark web/black market/deep web or any other thing it may be called.
2. Claiming to know anything accurate about these things. I just did some research on the google and am sharing my opinions.
3. I'm really in the list mood lately, aren't I?

Back to the black market. 

Apparently, the black market is in the dark part of the interwebs. The part that is not cataloged or searchable when we use google or any other search engines. To access this you have to download things, tors? To buy things on there you have to use bitcoins. From what I gather that is some encrypted way of sending money directly to someone else without using a third party. Whew! OK. I have not ventured into the dark interwebs nor do I intend to. I have no desire to hire a hitman, buy drugs, sell drugs or watch some violent happenings.  Here is a chart from that sums this up much easier than I can explain. 

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