Sunday, August 2, 2015

Let's talk movies: Magic Mike XXL

I can't believe it has been 5 months since I have posted! WOW! My apologies! Today's post is for any Magic Mike XXL lovers. This is not a movie review. Obviously, it is one of the best movies of all time! Now, for my Channing Tatum lovers, music lovers, or just lovers of all things ironic, funny and witty this post is for you. If you did not like the movie or want to know about it this post is not for you. Ladies, remember the scene where Channing is telling Amber about how he loves oreo's? 
She is eating the red velvet cake. 

Fast forward to the end of the movie 
when he is *dancing* on, for or to her. 

The song is R. Kelly's Cookie. I just listened to it, really listened to it. I have been laughing ever since! Clearly, I'm easily amused. But I love that he is singing about oreo's! I super love that Magic Mike was so clever to play this song for her! Well played!! 

(Listen at your own discretion. It is R. Kelly and the explicit version)

"Like an Oreo...
You gonna know how I get down!" LOL

Oreo's are my favorite cookie! 

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