Monday, April 28, 2014

Book Review: Euphoria by Erin Noelle

Well folks, it is 1:01 in the morning as I write this. I finished Euphoria about 10 minutes ago. I was reading in bed but I had to get out of bed, get tissue, get my laptop and go to the living room so I wouldn't wake up Mr. Jazzy's Notebook with my uncontrollable sobbing! I'm SOOOO not exaggerating. I cried and cried and cried-think The Notebook full on sobbing. Nicholas Sparks has nothing on Erin Noelle! I have not cried this much over a book in a loooonnnggg time! I need to start an ugly cry label to start to keep track!

What can I say about this book. This is the 3rd book in the Book Boyfriend Series. I don't want to give anything away. You just need to read this series. I know I have a whole brain full of words but really my brain is malfunctioning. My heart is broken. The thing with this book is that even when you are happy you are sad. Love is such a beautiful thing. Loving and accepting someone for who they are is amazing. Letting them go even when it hurts you so that they can be happy... Being there for someone even if it just as a friend while your heart is breaking...I mean really Erin! You just gutted me. I was thinking of John Legend's "All of Me" as a possible wedding song but now I only think of Ash.

As much as I was Team Ash there is no way I can choose between Ash and Mase. At some parts throughout the book I just thought, damn it, they should just all move in together and she should not have to choose between the two! That kind of love is something! That Mason! I'm so proud of him and he is just so amazing. Ash! UGH! It is great to see how everyone has evolved from the first book and how they have matured.

The morning after reading this book Mr. Jazzy's Notebook takes one look at me and asks: "Are you ok? Did you sleep? Have you been crying?"  My answer: "YOU HAVE NO IDEA! lol Think of my reaction to the Notebook."

No favorite quotes today or teaser pictures yet. Once I'm over the hangover I will work on those to share with you all.

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